Entry #62

Impersonating Every Single Hearthstone Minion's Voice

2017-09-05 14:42:37 by Twisted4000

So this is a video of me attempting to impersonate just about every single minion from the game Hearthstone. Thought I'd share it with you poor devils.


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2017-09-06 17:05:11

why do they turn video games back into card games... dafuq?


2017-09-06 18:25:55

because card games are serious business, if littlekuribo is to be believed.
Say, could you have used a pitch shift in post, to make the female voices sounds vaguely feminine?


2017-09-06 20:14:29

This was funny to watch, but I'd say your Tirion was the closest to the real deal. :P


2017-09-07 02:08:38

I love it! XD