I Need Someone to Voice the TF2 Scout

2017-12-13 18:49:23 by Twisted4000

I've been working on a Team Fortress 2 animation for ages, and as other work and projects came up I just sort of left it on the backburner. But since I finished A Hearthstone Battle, I've picked it back up. All of the voice work for all of the characters is done except for the Scout's. So this is why I'm posting this.

I need a voice actor to voice the Scout. If you'd like to audition, send me a PM with a link to it. You can choose any lines the Scout says or just make up whatever you want, just so long as you're impersonating his voice. I don't have a due date or anything, but sooner would be better. As soon as I hear a voice impression that is what I'm looking for, I'll give you the role and the script and we'll go from there.

Edit: I now have a deadline. You must send in your audition before 2018.




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2017-12-13 21:25:08

Hit me up! Ill msg you soon


2017-12-13 22:25:59

k maybe im 14 but im pretty good


2017-12-14 04:01:54

I'll send something soon


2017-12-14 16:01:25

send the script, we'll see what we can do


2017-12-19 00:10:37

yo' dude I found this site called Newgrounds again!

Twisted4000 responds:

Ha cool dude