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Future Plans

Posted by Twisted4000 - February 9th, 2012

Alright, so here's what's gonna happen soon... if you recognize me at all, it's most likely just from the Generic Skyrim Movie cartoon I made. But the point is, for over three weeks now, I've been making an animation short, but it's stupidly taking much longer than it should. It's called You're Firing Me!?. Here's the preview for it:


But in other news, there's a series I will start soon called "Desca", which basically has to do with the future and planets and aliens and whatever. Got pretty much all the voice actors for it (obviously RicePirate is one of them), and hopefully it will turn out good. I won't make myself deadlines like once a month or anything so I won't need to rush to make worse quality episodes, because, honestly, what would be the point of that? I'll do my best to make them... respectable, at least.

But yeah, gonna put lotsa effort into them. Of course, I'll only continue based on the reaction of the first chapter (it's gonna be like 10 chapters total, the outline of the whole story is pretty much done). I just want to go for something more serious, I've made nothing but comedies for years, and now I'll try to bring in something new into the internet world (because, let's face it, there aren't a huge amount of serious Flash cartoons out there... not saying it's a bad thing, but I just want to freshen things up).

Have a wonderful day.

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my flash animation with yar voice is also soon finished.
only some scenes a left and ... backgrounds X_X
but i hope you will like the result :3

I'm sure I'll love it, your work's very nice!

i wish you luck

Thanks a bunch.

Awesome! I bet your series is gonna be awesome! :D

Am I helping with the writing still since your helping me with my cartoon?

Yeah sure, if I need it at all lol.

I know you from Knights of something, ( can't remember what the last word is, sorry) and think you have excellent work. That preview looked nice.

Heh, thanks, and yes, it's "The Knights of Twistalia".

Okay I will.


Can't wait till' this is out.


I know I already asked this in the previous post, but what exactly happened to Dual Force Series? The only 3 episodes were blammed (for reasons alone I'm still wondering about), but they're still on you DeviantArt account and on Youtube as well.

They weren't blammed, I deleted them. I don't know, they were just old, I don't want people to see them and think that is where my talent is at for Newgrounds. I still keep them up on the other websites, though.

Why did you delete them? I thought they were pretty awesome. Especially the 3rd episode, where Jeffrey gets all messed up and reprograms the entire house.

(Oh wait, I screwed up, asking why you deleted them when you already explained, CRAP! >.<)

Ha ha it's fine... I don't know, my voice acting was pretty bad and I was younger then. They're still up on YouTube and deviantART if you want to see them there, though.