New Projects

2013-09-12 20:30:10 by Twisted4000

I've had two projects in the works for a while, one is a big one the other is a bit smaller. The big one has a premise involving robots, and it's going to be sort of an action/thriller deal, not so much a comedy. The other thing IS a comedy. Not sure when they will be out, but let's hope it's soon. I'll have a trailer out for the robot video in hopefully a few weeks. Just been super busy with school and commissions and bleh, it's hard to find time to finish up on this stuff, but I'm TRYING GAH.


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2013-09-12 21:23:35

A robot-y action thriller? Cool

Twisted4000 responds:

I sure hope it turns out cool.


2013-09-13 00:12:20

Ooo0O0oo. Cannot wait to shee them. :) Good luck!

Twisted4000 responds:

: ) Thank you.


2013-09-13 02:53:22

Naah, didn't figure you went dead. Thanks for the update!

Twisted4000 responds:



2013-09-13 12:41:08

I'm looking forward to the robot one, is that what the lolo thing was for?

Twisted4000 responds:

Well uh... long story... originally YES, Lolo was supposed to be in it, but then later a drastic script change came in and sadly she won't be in it. Dang, I've designed her like 1.5 years ago and she still hasn't appeared in anything I've made.


2013-09-18 14:28:33

Sounds like your a busy bee lately. Or are you a busy ant, or even a busy beetle?

Twisted4000 responds:

I'm all three, and yes I AM VERY BUSY lately, school, two separate animations, a bunch of big ol' art commissions, future soldier training, GAH