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Some Updates

Posted by Twisted4000 - April 24th, 2014

I hate making an FP post when I didn't actually upload anything, but some may be wondering about this. Or maybe no one is. But either way, here you go.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for some people) I won't be making it to Pico Day this year. This was a pretty big disappointment to me, as I really wanted to meet Tom and a couple others. I was GOING to, but a couple of things came up, for one thing, I can't miss like 1-2 more days of school this quarter (AVP, which is basically this thing where you go to college part-time of your high school day and get both college and high school credits for it) or else I'll get kicked out, and I can't afford to take any extra classes to get those last credits I need to graduate. Not only that, but money has been an issue.

But the good news is, I'm moving to PA this Summer! Late May or early June. Ambler, PA, to be precise, which is like a few minutes away from the NG office, so during that time I'll be able to meet the guys over there, so that's pretty nice. I'm really excited to see my days of school come to an end and finally start adulthood, with my new life over in Pennsylvania. Can't wait.

Other than that, there is a video I'm working on, OF COURSE there is, there always is, as well as commission work I've been doing. Oh and that game I mentioned a while back. Mhm.

If any of you are interested though, I upload artwork I'm practicing on over in the portal every-so-often, so you may want to take a look at it. Hopefully I'll get somewhere with it. I also have a Tumblr. Well I had one for a few years, but there's the news again. If you actually want a link to it instead of just reading the fact that I have a Tumblr, you can go ahead and look at it on my page here on NG.

Oh and I'll be accepting art commissions at this time, if you want a character of yours drawn or whatever lemme know and we'll discuss it. Thanks. The end.

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Good luck with finishing up your classes- find the strength to persevere.

We know and understand that you'll continue to progress

Do my chores!

Have a good day in PA

Always best to keep track of what's important. Good luck with everything you have planned!

Pennsylvania is quite a place, buddy. Hope to see you there myself sometime!

It's like a 7 hour drive but sure

yo dawg i herd u lik weezer

I do, mostly the album Pinkerton as well as their latest, Hurley.

Me too, I'm a big fan of the first 4 albums. Have you heard about the upcoming album?

No, I haven't, I'll look into it.