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Drawing and Animated GIF Commissions

Posted by Twisted4000 - May 1st, 2014

So, I decided to publicly announce on this site that I do commissions. Yep. Here's a list of what my prices are generally, though they're not entirely fixed, it will depend on what you want. But here you go.


Sketch - $9.99



Colored Sketch - ~$14.99



Finished Character Drawing - ~$19.99

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3


Painting Style Picture - ~$29.99



Animated GIF - ~$39.99

Example 1, Example 2 (Unfinished)


At this time I am not accepting anymore commissions for animations, I have enough of those on me right now. Unless it's like under 30 seconds or something, we might be able to discuss it.

Again, prices will vary depending on what you want and how specific you are. I will also make static or animated icons for you if you wish. For the right price, of course. Though that price probably won't be very much. Who knows.

Lemme know what you think of these prices, too expensive, too cheap, whatever. I haven't really made a post like this before, generally when I do commissions people come to me or I offer it to them personally and these are generally the prices that we agree with. They're happy with it, maybe you will be.

And remember, I'm still practicing. When you commissions me, more than likely, it will end up looking better than the examples I have shown up there. Some of them are kinda old.

If you're interested at all, feel free to message me either here on Newgrounds, Tumblr, deviantART, or YouTube. Or email me at Twisted4000@yahoo.com. Thanks.


Comments (5)

My friend

What does that mean

(Based on your art submissions) your drawing is not yet refined enough to warrant selling; or not at these prices. But don't worry: almost nobody of your age is a master of any art. Keep practicing every day. You'll get better. Everyone always gets better at whatever they practice.

As for drawing, if I may offer one advice (I don't say I'm better at it than you, mind), it's to draw everything you can and everything you can't; draw the same things repeatedly, and draw new things too. Just draw everything. Cartoons and "real" things/people. Fix your mistakes, get it right (what you see as right), and do it again.

This is just my opinion of your drawing. I've practiced for years (not every day) and still have a low opinion of my own. But I always get better.

I would think the same thing, though I've seen people even worse than me get commissioned for prices even more expensive than this, lol. Though, for the people who ARE better than me, their prices are A LOT more expensive, so... I would think it works out in the end. Again, I'd agree with you, but I've done commission work at these prices (and sometimes even slightly more) for people and they've been happy with it.

However, if it doesn't go well, I could always lower my prices. Easy.

My friend

That's not related to commissions

Sam and Ben are the two best friends.

I guess I have no choice

@Jojo bull. Looking at their art style, I would gladly pay what they are asking for.

Keep up the cool art, Twisted ^^

(Sorry for necroing)

Oh wow, this was an old post, ha! Well thanks. :)