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Project Updates

Posted by Twisted4000 - April 30th, 2015

Right then, so basically I've been doing what I've always been doing: working. Working and working. On what? Well, the game. Huh, what game? Well, in case you don't know, it's a 2-player fighter. Progress is going pretty well, the graphics are still rough, however nearly 6 characters are completed, and I got online multiplayer connection working in it. So not only can you play against players on the same computer, but also over your LAN AND anywhere over the internet (as long as you have a tunneling system such as Hamachi). And if you're sad and lonely, that's okay, you can also play against the AI. Gonna try to get it greenlit on Steam when it's finally completed. Could be wishful thinking, but who knows, it could also pass with flying colors.

As for animations, yes, there are some in the works. Three to be exact. It's gonna be a three-parter. Woopdeedoo. Oh and I've been doing a bunch of commissions for people as well, so though it does slow down progress on my own personal projects, the money's good to have considering I've had quite a droop with my patrons. It started out amazingly, but over the months people have gradually dropped off. I'm hoping it's simply because they feel like they've payed enough, rather than because they think I'm not working at all because nothing has really been uploaded lately. To anyone thinking that, no, I HAVE been working VERY hard day-and-night on this stuff. I'm just hoping it's all gonna be worth it in the end.

If you'd like to assist, my Patreon's right here. Every dollar really does help, and to those who have and/or still are donating, I give you a giant thanks.

So that's that, I hope to have a preview for the game out soon, but it's gonna be a bit 'till I finally work on the character's actual line-work and coloring.



Comments (7)

Don't work too hard buddy, it's important to take breaks occasionally to keep your sanity in check

My personal hell does not agree with yours, I lose my sanity when I'm not working for too long lol

Saminat, Twisted has gone insane a while ago. There is no returning from that.

I guess


How much money do you need

"Need" is a strong word, but basically "all that I can get" I feel is a good response to that question

Looking Good so Far....To be Honest, I'm Not NEARLY as Dedicated as You. But I Try. I Currently have a Job that I'll be Quitting in About a Week. Then You Guys will have the Two Projects I've been Working on for a while Now........Anyway, Good Luck with this! I'm Rooting for You! (It also Helps to Take Naps in Between Working and Other Stuff. Trust Me. I Know....)

Nice work, dude. Don't push yourself past the brink of the insanity of insanity with work. Go outside sometimes, get stung by a wasp, fall out of a tree, and buy some real estate. The little things in life can really serve as inspiration for you to work.

Go to a McDonald's especially. Remind yourself that if you fuck everything up, you're still better off than working at McDonald's.

I'm drunk at the moment. Cheers.

You know I'd love to record as usual, and even if it's an all-girl cast... A certain Keili may be so gracefully inclined to make a cameo!