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Ups and Downs

Posted by Twisted4000 - September 19th, 2016

Things were great, and lately, well, things have changed. Should have anticipated it, though. Oh well.

Sadly, for me, the Patreon thing didn't work out as well as it once did. But that's not the end of things, I mean, I was going to finish the game even without ANY support, and still am, regardless. It's just kind of a shame. Hopefully when I put it on Steam Greenlight, things will turn around. This whole situation just makes me want to learn some kind of lesson, and I word it that way because I'm not actually sure if I did anything really wrong, but who knows... I wonder if I should've waited even LONGER before uploading any kind of trailer? Wait until it was more refined, even if I FELT like I've waited "long enough", you know? Maybe that had something to do with it. But maybe there's nothing I could've done, either. Considering the way things have gone, though, I'll focus my efforts on my other projects and wait for those to finish before I continue on with this. I don't see a reason to do otherwise, at this point.

Other than that, things in life have kind of been sucking like they usually do, as well... I quit my old job and got like a 50-billion-times better one, but my old job refused to give me all the money I actually earned; there's like two days of work they haven't payed me for yet, and I called them up multiple times about it and they're like "we'll look into it" just like you'd expect, blah blah blah. I feel kind of trapped, like, I know I should talk to the "higher ups" about it, but even they can't help me because it ends up being some Hindu in Pakistan I can't understand that transfers me over to a number that just disconnects instantaneously. It's almost as frustrating as this online crap I've put up with.

I love doing streams, but most of my audience doesn't appreciate it as much as my regulars do, so I'm trying to slow down the frequency of those, as well. We'll just see how things go. As for the animations, I think I'm really, REALLY just going to try and focus my efforts on ONE of them rather than spreading my work out; all of them are VERY long animations and that should explain what's been taking so long.

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hang in there champ <3