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Madness Gemini Conclusion

Posted by Twisted4000 - October 20th, 2019

A few weeks ago I had completed and published a Madness fan game, Madness Gemini (intended to be uploaded for Madness Day, but time got away from me). Initially, the response was pretty middlesome, as players did not like the AI and some experienced glitches. Some players claimed they couldn't get it to load at all.

Within the next couple of days, I listened to all of the criticism and attempted to fix it. The AI is a lot more active and can function more independently, enemies no longer can clip through the walls, and the load time has been dramatically reduced because I took out like 8 of the music tracks (I don't know what I was thinking, why would you put in 12 music tracks in an online Flash game, Ben!??!?) Since then, the response has been drastically more positive. Also, thanks, Tom, for giving it a shot at the front page!

Unfortunately, there's still one pretty bad glitch that happens on extreme occasion, but it's so bad in fact that it's game-breaking. I spent countless hours attempting to fix this glitch, and after all of the searching and testing, I still have not found the answer and I still don't understand it. Oh well, maybe next game!

Why am I posting this? Because I just wanted to say how great of an experience this whole thing was. I learned a CRAP-ton about game development and programming in general. I learned hundreds of lessons about how to build up your game, what to prepare for and expect, what NOT to do, and to be ABSOLUTELY SURE the WHOLE THING is ready when you publish it. Players WILL find those glitches and problems, and even after you fix and improve them, those players still may not come back. First impressions are everything with games.

This brings me to another question, however... now that Flash is gonna get canned, you think, if I were to make another game, should I just move onto a new platform? Or would throwing the game into a Win projector still be fine? If not, I think that is unfortunate.

Lastly, I'm finally releasing a cartoon. It will be sometime before 2020, so stay tuned these next few months! This one was a doozie and I've been working on it on-and-off for nearly 2 years. I can't tell you how liberating it feels to finally show this beast off. After that? Countless ideas.



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Well, Newgrounds has its own thing to keep running flash past the due date, but it's probably best to find another platform. I can't really speak on any programming experience though.

@SvenTheBadass Yeah, Mike is wprking on a thing that'll allow even phones to run flash games and movies and the Newgrounds Player is a project in progress (maybe they gave up on it instead choosing to do Mike's thing, but they can always fall back on it) which will play Flash content in-browser in like a special tab or something, everything would basically be the same, I don't really understand it, but just keep an open mind in regards to Flash.

redo with html5?