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Great animation, clean linework, nice colors and I genuinely laughed. Excellent work, my friend!!

These just keep getting better and better. I've seen some fantastic fan Madness videos, but still none hold up to what you have been coming out with. This one really took and followed the new directions the first 9.5 was going into and amplified it all, constantly taking what's awesome about the Madness series, playing to its strengths, and yet surprising us with even more new stuff to be amazed by and ponder over. I love how so many things being introduced are seamlessly connecting with the overall story, regardless of what time period they take place in.

This one in particular had a tense, cinematic vibe to it, the dark atmosphere getting deeper as it progressed alongside the outstanding choreography. Every hit, shot, punch, etc. felt so specified and deliberate, always delivering a strong sense of impact. On top of that, I particularly liked the extra humor spread simultaneously across it all (Hank lifting the dude's head up to see the device better, the guy getting knocked into the trash can and so on). Despite this installment being in a less familiar pathway, it still remained true to the series, and, again, still fits it like a glove.

The horrifying Tricky transformations, the enemy Hank, and the Retainer all diving in as main enemies just made this perfect. That on top of what 2BDamned was doing here also continues to raise more questions and spawns more branches for the Madness plot, all the while still explaining the backstory of Hank's revival.

The music? Do I even need to say it? Amazing. Once again, not only a great track but fits this particular video perfectly.

There's more questions I have and even more things I loved about this one but that's where I'm gonna stop for now. You still got, Krinx, and you just keep improving and surprising me every time. Keep it up, and JUST DO WHAT COMES NATURAL!!

Simultaneously cute and mature with both the visuals and dialogue, stellar and versatile voice acting from the cast, and all-around solid production, this was great! Nice work, it's always nice to see an original series on the internet. Can't wait to see more!

cecameron responds:

Thank you, I'm looking forward to making more : )

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Haha, pretty cool. Awesome that you included all these people, including me. But I am not a black guy!

deathink responds:

hahahah, yeah there are a couple joke about the way the members don't look like how they really look. sabtastic is also a black guy in this game lol.

Very neat idea, was a pleasure to work on and I think it really lit up the month and Christmas season just a little bit more! Each animation was fun to watch in its own unique way, whether it was funny dialogue, cool-looking animation, or simply border-line-terrifying. Thank you for this project! Very awesome.

Pretty Good

I was surprised, this was actually not a bad Flash game. It was hilarious, first of all, and the targets popped up for just the right amount of time so it wasn't too hard or too easy. The Trololol Guy's head and the Nyan Cat targets were also nice little bonus touches. I wish maybe the levels would change or something, but it's a great base.

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This is the next best thing to MC10's theme, I think. It's so spooky and crazy, it fits MC11 so perfectly that I don't think it could be perfected any further. Awesome work!!!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!

Just stumbled upon this today, wow gave me chills, it's incredible, absolutely amazing job!

Dude this is sick, I don't even know how to describe what exactly it is that makes it great but it is. Very emotional sounding, fast, cool, I could totally play video games with this as the background music. Nice job!

Blarrgensnorf responds:

Thanks a ton! :>

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Oooooh dude she's cute, great work!

Oh heeeell yeah, great job with the anatomy, pose, angle and perspective, love that reflection as well. A MADNESS MASTERPIECE!!

THAT is some kickass animation, great job!!

Artist, animator, game dev, & Flashgitz crewmember. I love funbags, heavy metal, fighting games and things that go POW-POW KA-BOOM, M0TH3RFKR!!!

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