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Posted by Twisted4000 - April 5th, 2012

...Is taking forever to finish...

Just a cartoon I'm making about these two girl people who defend this store from this other guy who's apparently trying to kill them or something. SirUndead and I voice the two characters. It's pretty neat.

It's just taking so long, it's ridiculous, I see all these other animators constantly surpassing me and releasing something like once every 1-2 weeks AND with decent quality, I mean they literally get like 5 videos out before I get one, ha.

Ah well.

In the mean time, there's also Desca, which I told you all about, and that's going alright, but the reason why I just randomly started making StarNova is because I'm trying to get something out there so I have something for people to watch for a while, because... well, Desca is going to take another few months even if I work 24/7 on it. I don't want to wait that long... let's face it, publishing work is fun, right?

I want to add shadows to the characters and stuff, but it's already taking an over-amount of time, but then again quality-over-quantity... who knows what I'll end up doing.

And to be honest I guess this is my best animation in a cartoon so far, but realistically I kinda doubt it will really do any good, but again, we'll see...

Oh by the way, Mr. Tom Flups, it's not going to have any references or memes in it, so I'm going to assume you're not going to get it front-paged when it comes out... just kidding.

But seriously it's not going to have any references or memes. I'm really just done with those... I can't stand seeing them in cartoons anymore, it's just an easy pass to the views and ad revenue.

ANYWAY, I am done with this post, I think.


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Oh, don't worry about it dude! Just take your time XD It's taking me a while to finish Candle Cove. Just take your time and get the work done :3

Yeah... taking time is always the best way to go, and even Redminus once said that "I don't think that anyone has ever regretted spending a lot of time on something", but it still baffles me how some people get videos out so insanely fast... it's crazy...

What are you talking about? "Me Gusta" was six of my seven lines.


But seriously, do quality. If you did a million shitty flashes nobody would really remember you, but if you do one really awesome one you can be a legend if it's good enough.

Now, I don't predict StarNova to make you a legend, if anything I think a lot of people are going to say you're ripping off "SailorMan" and the other whacked out anime-spoof stuff that Spazkid and the gang does. That doesn't stop me from wanting to be a part of the project though, since I generally enjoy the stuff you give me.

Yeah you do have a good point there with going for all quality... my issue is that it just takes me so long... and yet some people can make a new video in like a week and still have pretty DECENT quality, if anything.

And who knows what people are gonna think, personally I really don't know if anyone's gonna think I'm ripping off Spazkid (speaking of Spazkid I just talked with him on Skype today and he wanted me to show him what I had with this video so far and it turns out he likes it), but we'll see...

And thanks for your support, as well as being an awesome actor!

Don't worry about it, dude. Looks awesome from the current keyframe I see.

Thanks! :)

hmmm..looks intresting from that screenshot so far. but it looks more intressting from the Timeline bar ^^

cant wait to see it.
i also work on a new piece of crap. if you want to you can BETA watch it.

Thanks, and sure I'd like to give it a test watch.

But seriously, man, don't feel bad about your own work because of reviews, I mean it's good to take into consideration of what advice people have, but don't let it make you think your stuff is bad. Really the only thing I think you should touch-up on is your posing. Other than that, your line-work, coloring, and detail are all pretty nice.

haha chilax im just making fun when i insult my own videos. i dont really mean it ^^

Well I guess it's better than being arrogant... lol.

The keyfram that I see is a good pice of work, I know that this is something to enjoy watching, oh and you should take your time and do as much as you want with the animation I know that it is going to be great! ^_^
P.S Are the characters Cyclops....es?

Oh wow actually when I look at it they both look they each have one eye... lol.

No they are not cyclopses, though that is kind of a plasuible assumption, considering their strange armor and stuff, assuming they're like aliens or something.

Yeah, I dunno how people manage to blast out entire movies every two weeks. Just remember everybody has different commitments: if web cartoons are your main source of income, then you can afford to work on them pretty constantly. Whereas if you have a nine-to-five job, then there's a big chunk of your day gone. And if you're doing something where the work follows you home, like school or freelance work or any job where things have deadlines rather than you come in, do your time and leave, then that's even less time again.

I think it also depends on why you animate. To make a film by yourself, you need story, character animation, sound, possibly voices, possibly effects animation, etc. It's a lot of fields and most people only specialise in one, or you may only really enjoy one or two of them. I constantly have the energy to animate and I animate all the time, but it's usually not in the framework of a story. I'm just doodling, experimenting with capturing movement. I love writing stories and doing sound design and drawing pretty backgrounds and making silly voices, but just playing around with a bit of character animation just comes so naturally that I spend a lot of time just practicing it, rather than committing to an entire finished film. And there's other people out there who probably write scripts all the time in their head, and come up with funny scenarios and doodle little comics, but don't necessarily have the energy all the time to do all the other steps and make it into a finished product.

So don't beat yourself up because you're not making endless cartoons by yourself and getting massively internet-famous. One day it might be your main commitment and so you can just work on it all day every day, or maybe you'll end up setting up a studio and working with other people, just doing the aspects that you're most passionate about. For now just do what comes naturally, play around with it, practice your craft and make the occasional movie at your own pace. It's all good.

Why thanks for your comment, it means a lot. I guess I should just slow down if it stops becoming joyful to me, but it is something I do enjoy doing in particular. I guess it's because I just love publishing so much, but it's hard sometimes to realize that it's a huge step before you get it published.

It's too bad that stuff like this barely gets a notice while stuff like TOME gets sponsored. I'm really digging your use of colours (even if the writing and voice acting sucks I'll watch it for that). Your artstyle seems to remind me of Spazkid

Thanks... and yeah I don't get it either... specifically, the whole TOME thing is simply because it's Kirbopher, people know him, he got a bunch of famous actors for it... I for one can say I'm really not a fan of it at all, and I don't understand its fan-base.

As for the colors I'm using, I'm really glad you like them, I want it to look appealing and for everything to sort of pop out. And I hope the voice-acting and writing are good, I can't really say anything about the script, but I know at least most of the voice-acting should be nice, since both SirUndead and RicePirate are in it. Both phenominal actors...

Never got the whole Spazkid thing before, but I'll take that as a compliment, since I really like his style, lol. Thanks for your support! :)