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Some More Updates

Posted by Twisted4000 - April 19th, 2012

Alright, so, here's some updates, in case you were wondering.

The animation I'm working on, StarNova, is going pretty well. Progress is moving faster than it was for the past few weeks, mostly because my computer was dead and I had to use my brother's whenever he was out for work. But a big thanks to him for letting me use it nonetheless, otherwise nothing would've gotten done whatsoever.

Now that my PC is up and running again, it's coming along. For some bad news I have, I'm sorta scrapping the game I was making for a few months now, progress was just too slow, I'm working on too many projects, but, most importantly, it wasn't very fun. It worked, you could attack monsters, they attacked you, they respawned fine, but it was just too sloppy and pretty glitchy. HOWEVER, I do plan on making another game once I have a couple of other cartoons out (part 1 to Desca being one of them), and I'll make it more simple, that way... I'll actually be able to finish it. Just sorta planning a side-scroller with a couple of playable characters, unique voices will be needed for each. But that's a while from now.

So uh yeah. Just got RicePirate's voice in for StarNova a few days back, turned out awesome. He did some improvising to some of his lines, it was pretty amazing.

Anyway... that's all for now. Have a screenshot:

Some More Updates

Comments (8)

Great :D


hurray for animating! :D

Yeeey thank you!



yeah looks pretty nice so far ^^
i really want to watch it!

Hope you like it!

Almost done!! Though, kinda sad reading that the game got canned...

Yeah, but it wasn't really getting anywhere, it was taking so long. P: But I will start working on a new game in the future, gonna do A LOT more planning before simply jumping ahead and developing it. Thanks for your support! :)

From what you showed me, this looks fantastic. I thought it was quite funny. Good luck with finishing the project!

Thanks a ton, means a lot coming from you, and ditto on your next project, too! lol

hmm this looks quite intressting, pitty i didnt get my newgrounds password back fast enough to try and snatch a voice spot for this, looks very intruiging and high quality.

I'll let you know when I need some more voices, I do like your voice, based on what I've heard so far.

I got a sneak preview of this at Pico Day and I must say you've improved significantly

O_O Really? I don't remember showing this to anyone... did RicePirate or someone show it?