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StarNova Trailer Released

Posted by Twisted4000 - May 4th, 2012

Soooo here's a trailer I put together last night for the cartoon I've been working on for over a month now. It'll be a few weeks 'till it's finished though, so you'll have to wait a bit...

The first music track you hear in the trailer is "Derelict Trailer", which you can listen to here, and the second one is the "Epic Trailer Music" by Oney, which you can listen to here.

Comments (10)

It got awkward when I had my pesky in my hand and found out she was a dude. It didn't stop me, but it does raise so many questions.

Well they are indeed female, just male-sounding voices. Or maybe they're lesbians or something.

XD lol That was good X3 But uhhh.... Why are they voiced by men? XD

Regardless, Awesome :D

I really dunno man, I just didn't want to get female actors for this. But thanks.

VERY cool so far :D
cant wait for it ^^

oh and...your deep voice is actuarly perfect for my DBM EP2 flash to voice some hugass freaks like bojack or cooler ^^ . do you want to do it? :)

Yeah sure, sounds good! Would be awesome to voice for something like that, especially if SirUndead will be in it as well! And thanks! :)

Looking good !


Looks great. I like your voice acting and the cast you put so I'm exited.

Thanks a bunch, means a lot. Saw your comment on YouTube as well! :)

I've seen you as you've been working on this and I can't help but say I'm really excited.

I can say right now that if you keep this level of quality throughout, I can see this getting FP'd in no time.

Tanks ma'am, means a ton!

why is your user image evil mayor mccheese

its because

That looks like itll be fun, great cast

Thanks, sir!

Haha cool! :3 This looks real awesome, can't wait!
...not quite sure what its about but...
Still looking forward to it!

Yeeey! Glad to see you back on NG again! :D

Haha! Love the pacing from what I see in the trailer. Seems to be well written.

Thanks a bunch, in fact I just finished it, will upload tomorrow.