2012-10-31 15:45:18 by Twisted4000

Happy Halloween, peeps


More filler content from yours truly

So anyway, now I'm working on a series I wanted to do for a while, I'll have a preview of it up when I get enough progress on it. I'm also doing some designing and stuff for the game I wanted to make, which I've been mentioning for like half a year now.



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2012-10-31 16:06:17

Ahaha, I love it! :D Great work!
Thank you for using my music! ^ ^

Twisted4000 responds:

Oh hey thank you lol, I was just about to message you and show you this video but it turns out you already found it, heehee. Thank YOU for making all the awesome music.


2012-10-31 18:40:42

lol it got frontpaged already and it's still under judgement. Kudos, man. and I SWEAR TO GOD, one of these days I WILL finish my side of that art trade GAAAAH

Twisted4000 responds:

lol, I was so surprised at how it got the FP, there's stuff I put months of effort into and they didn't get up there haha. But yeah, take your time with the AT, it's really alright haha


2012-10-31 19:39:24

Great cartoon as always Twisted. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish my cartoon for Hallow's eve. I should finish it soon though :3

Again though, great cartoon :D

Twisted4000 responds:

Thank you Dinngoooooooooo


2012-11-01 14:43:25

I noticed that a lot of the time that you shade characters you'll just have a curved line going down whichever section of the body. Shading is one of the best tools for depicting depth, and you should try to abuse it more by having your shadows wrap around the protruding parts of the face/object, or having the outline of the shadow change form to match the texture (eg for hair, a zig-zagging line curving in towards where the hair parts)

(Updated ) Twisted4000 responds:

Yeah, I try to do that. I used to be much worse though, I would just put like, half-circles for everything.


2012-11-01 20:09:26

how long did it take to make?

Twisted4000 responds:

Like 6 days, sketched it out first, then did the linework over it, then all the coloring and backgrounds, and then during the slideshow bits moved them around.