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Christmas Updates, Hmhmhm

Posted by Twisted4000 - December 24th, 2012

Christmas is coming. So is some stuff I'm making. Hopefully.

So I've talked about a series I was started, and I have, a couple months ago. Last early October, to be exact. It's only like half-done now though, it's going to be around 6-7 minutes long. Lately though, I've been on-and-off with motivation. I feel like I really want to start some other video projects, because this one is taking forever and even if I work on it all day, progress is still immensely slow. And looking back at previous scenes I made a couple months ago, they look bad and outdated to me, so I'll have to go back and fix things.

I think the plot, writing and dialogue is fine, and RicePirate, SirUndead, and TDK1987 all did great jobs on the voices, but I'm not finding any joy whatsoever animating it right now. I'm still trying very hard to keep going, because shoving it in the back-burner would be a bad idea, as it would prolong its release even more. My biggest goal as of now is to animate up to at least some more good parts so I'll have some footage to put in the trailer for YouTube.

So what I'm saying is, I'm not sure if I really want to make this a series, I'm just liking the idea less-and-less each day. Some part of me wants to just scrap the whole episode, but I've worked too hard and spent way too much time to go back now, like I feel like I'm at the point of no return, so I certainly will finish it, that's for sure.

And after I DO finish this (this February if I'm lucky), I don't think I'll really ever try to make a series again, I found a lot more happiness making those one-time deals like StarNova and The Freelance Police, because, and I think pretty much every animator out there is going to agree with me on this, once you finish a project, you're VERY glad that you finally got it over with and never have to touch it again, and you can move on to something new.

I have a bunch more ideas for new little movies to make after this one, and I guess that's really my main motivation at this point to get this done and uploaded. I'm not one of those guys who can just blast out a new video every two weeks and make a couple thousand dollars for each one and buy myself Cintiqs.

So yeah, Merry Christmas. Trying to get this done, as well as some games I have planned. Also tomorrow I'll hopefully be getting a new microphone, the Blue Yeti. I've had the Blue Snowball for about a year now, and it's still an awesome mic, but it's been making this strange little buzzing noise that I just noticed recently, so I guess it may be a good time for an upgrade.


-Some loser

Edit: Here's a Christmas update video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdRwZCOekZ0

Christmas Updates, Hmhmhm

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Rock on! Keep me in mind if you start any other toons; I'd really like to audition for them!

Merry Christmas, Some Loser! :P

Yes, I shall.

its a zerg

The one on the left I guess would be the Overmind, and the one on the right would be... a Roach. I guess.

The Yeti is what I use, good mic, don't let my rubbish quality fool you.

I would say take what you like about this animation and utilize it in future animations you like more. Maybe even steal a character or two. Nobody's going to criticize your damage to your universe's canon timeline, not until you really blow up like you're probably gonna.

I liked the script, but if I remember it right (my memory is terrible), I didn't really like it on a series level. Maybe like a continuation with the characters way down the line, but not really like "this should air for multiple seasons".

I feel like you should definitely aim to try as many ideas as possible. Focusing too much on something good could lead you to forget what could've been great.

Fuck it bro, make parodies. Hahahah.

Yeah, thanks, that's basically what I wanna do, the more ideas, the better. I did a buddy-cop thing, a space-girl-anime-type thing, and I wanna do a detective mystery type of video some time, as well as a movie involving some restaurant, and then one with a magician.

But that is a good way of looking at it, even when this is all finally said-and-done, I can indeed utilize what I felt was good in this video for other FUTURE videos. And if this video flopped for some reason, that's honestly a not really a BAD thing, because if you never fail, that means you're not trying new ideas with your content.

Parodies? It's always tempting, because it's pretty much the easy way out, but there's no dignity in those, especially considering that's what EVERYONE does nowadays. Occasionally, if I happen to think of some really funny, CLEVER satire for something? Sure, I can make a parody or two, but EVERY single video? I dunno.

Sounds like you're having a grand old time- the best I can say is good luck, and don't try and let your work overwhelm you. Merry Christmas.

lol, I never have a grand old time in anything. But thank you, Merry Christmas to you too.

mrmmmhmmmhmmmmrmmmmrmmrm merry christmas faggot <3

You too jerky mcjerkface

I don't know how your this episode currently looks or how it looked months ago, but I don't think you should try to fix mistakes that you did months back, especially if you're not enjoying animating it anymore, remaking stuff after you've improved is just a huge loop, it's pretty hard to consider your entire animation good enough to let go, especially if it's a long one, and it is a huge pain in the ass to just keep fixing mistakes without making actual progress in finishing it, in my opinion, you should just try to finish it and move on to other stuff, you know? I think it's a lot more worthwhile, that's just my opinion though.

Also, Merry Christmas.

Well, not every part, but there's a FEW that just don't look very good to me that I'll probably fix, not a huge deal, I just don't want to release something that I don't feel is good. Thank you for the comment and Merry Christmas.

Anime that is a cartoon not one of the reasons your a part my group but i'll look forward to it


will you have recurring characters, and let me know when your birthday is ok?

I probably will have them, who knows. Oh and my birthday is February 24th, lol.