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Dual Force Trailer Released

Posted by Twisted4000 - January 11th, 2013

I finally finished Dual Force! Well no, I didn't. I finished the trailer for it. How exciting.

You can watch it like right here if you want. The music I used in it was Viking Barbers from Space by Devastus. SICK song, by the way. Oh and I was actually planning on using it even BEFORE RicePirate used it in his Dark Knight Rises video. What a mind-copycat!! Oh he's voicing in Dual Force, by the way. So is SirUndead and TDK1987.

As I said before I hope to get the full thing out this February.

And as always, buncha other stuff going on. Working on a game, conjuring up ideas and scripts for future videos that I'm OVER THE MOONLY excited for. But I can't really get to those until I free myself from Dual Force's chains. That's my motivation to finish it.

Plus I'm also, as usual, practicing my art, coloring, design, all that good stuff. Oh and I'm voicing for some video by SwagMuffin. Not sure when that will come out but seems neatorific.

That's all, TOODLES c:

Comments (7)

Awesome :D


Super smooth man. Looking great.

Thank you Mr. Pirate Man

Yay, lol feburary's my birth month thing

So is mine, never knew we had so much in common

Now that is going to be freaking awesome!

I hope :c

Hmmm, interesting.... The concept you got going seems really diverse. The robot, despite being mechanical, seems emotional in his own way from just the few clips in the trailer.

Thanks, I hope so. Who wants a non-emotional character, even if it is a robot, lol.

it seems like your animation and artwork has improved a lot. i'd pay to see this, this looks amazing.

Haha thank you.

I really like how your movies have alot of action in them.

Glad to see someone notices. Yes, I love battle scenes, always try to put them in my longer vids as much as I can. Dual Force will have one as well.