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I Just Lost Like A Month's Worth of Work lol

Posted by Twisted4000 - February 19th, 2013

K so I was animating my Dual Force cartoon, I was hoping to finish it by the end of this month, or early-mid-March, but then I think just now I may have accidentally deleted the last like 4 scenes and then saved the document, and I tried everything, this file repair program, restoring the file to a previous version, but I just get an error that says "Could not load scene into memory. Your document may be damaged." Sooo ummm yey I just lost like all that work. Welp, now I have to redo those scenes. Sorry, it's going to take like another month or so. I really wanted to be done with this project, but now I got wait even longer hahaha. Ah well.

So remember kids: ALWAYS SAVE BACKUPS. I saved one backup, but that was like 2 months ago so it serves no purpose now. I should start saving them literally like almost every day.

But in good news though (or bad news, depending on how you look at it), the video is like 6 minutes long right now, and it's going to be about 8 or so when it's finished. Woooow that is a long video and it's no wonder it took me like since last October to finish it lol.

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Oh wow that sucks. That's happened to me before. I was so mad.

I understand the pain you're going through in not backing-up stuff. Not only do you need to back-up your work files to a separate location on your main hard disk, but I'd back it up to at least one (if not several) secondary drive(s) as well. Its helped save my arse at times!

Yes, I always save my backups on my second hard drive, because one of one of them decided to die or something, ha ha. But yes thank you for your support.

dat sucks bro

Yea, I've been there. I save all the time, and create a new backup at the end of the days session.

Damn, an entire month!?!? Are you sure you've tried everything? Try asking in the forums for any help you can get.

Got dang, I wish there was something I could do to help :{

Tried everything I could, I'm not going to get the scenes back. I'll just have to redo them. :(

This is where the depression kicks in.

I'm already depressed. lol

I save multiple backups of larger projects, not only for this reason, but in case one gets corrupted during a flash crash. sorry to hear that man :[

Ha ha yeah, for The Freelance Police I remember saving TONS of backups, but then for this one I sorta forgot... and then I got a huge problem like this. =( Ah well. Ya live and lean.

hope people dont kill themself waitin :D, luck with that, hopefully you can make it faster, since you only need to remember steps

Do you still have the .swf? Cause you could run it through swivel, create one video file for the missing scenes and one for the ones you've saved, then merge the two

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/flash-resources/swivel">http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resourc es/flash-resources/swivel</a>

I do still have the SWF, but a lot of the stuff was like half-sketched and half-linework, so even if I used to the SWF and made it into a video file, a lot of it would serve me no purpose, considering I can't fill in the colors or anything.

this kind of shit always happens to me. thats why i dont get very far.

you say you have the swf. you could use a decompiler (such as sothink maybe) to create a fla file out of it. iirc symbols and things like that get cluttered, but it might be worth a shot to save a month's work.

I feel you pain, my final export of DK corrupted minutes before i finished, and I had to go through hell and decompilers to restore the file, if you have aswf of those scenes try using a decompiler usually you will be able to salvage something. But I learned my lesson too, currently DK2 has like 40 back ups lolol.

I just sent you a PM

Man, that happened to me when I was making Warcraft maps. I lost a whole map, saved over the damn thing... God damn computers... :C

When i was animating once flash deleted some of m graphics frames fr someones eyes. So when they moved they just disappeared. Fucking sucks man.

That happened to me when I was working on &quot;Playback.&quot; I lost about 120 seconds worth of animation and a few days worth of work, i feel your pain.

Yeah it sucks :/

I'm sorry. :( At least you have a really good attitude about it, I admire you for that! Always save backups!!! I learned the hard way too. :/

Hahahah thanks