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I Made a Video About Cheerleaders + Visit to PA

Posted by Twisted4000 - June 11th, 2013

Heyo, I finished a video I call Sparkle Pom-Pom Squad which you can watch here or on YouTube. It's a video about cheerleaders on a high school football game I guess.

This past whole week I was in PA visiting family, since that's where I used to live up until about 5 years ago when I moved out to Colorado. Funnily enough, I just recently found out that Spazkid and the gang used to live literally just a few minutes away from my old house, so I actually got to go and hang at their home for a bit last Monday, it was pretty awesome. Spaz and I went to Dunkin' Donuts and got coffee. He also bought a grilled cheese sandwich for himself but I think he later regretted it because he said it was disgusting. I also got to meet Stamper. I must say, both of those guys were very welcoming and nice to hang and talk with. Unfortunately I had to leave in quite a hurry because I had to catch my plane-ride home. :(

But in other other news, I've recently enlisted in the US Army. I've been bent on doing this for some time now, and a couple weeks ago I got through the entire recruiting process as well as MEPS, so just call me Private Twisted4000! Or not, you don't have to. I'll be shipped out next year since I still have to finish school. And yes, I'll have my computer and everything there, so I'll still be able to work on videos and such. As long as I don't die or lose my hands.

So um yep that's it, see ya.

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Cool story bro! Yeah too bad you couldn't hang out with Stamper more. I was pressed for time at Pico Day and the same happened to me! Hope you had some kick-ass pizza while you were back East.

Thanks, and actually I haven't had a single slice of pizza the entire time, unfortunately. I didn't hang with Stamper all that much, he just greeted me and we talked for a little bit and then Spaz came down.

That's good news Private Twisted4000! Maybe.

I sure hope so

Loved it man!
We need more of this.


stamper and spaz are sweethearts.

They sure are!

Great video private piles!

Thanks Sergeant Hartman!

I cannot fathom a terrible grilled cheese, people must have been a bunch of jacklegs

I know

Hope you had a wicked time up there dude with Stamps and Cory!
Again, great job on your cheerleader animation! One of my favorites from you.

Thanks sir, and yes I did have an awesome time disregarding the fact that it wasn't as long as I had hoped. I wanna see 'em again sometime, and maybe you could come along too!



It came out

Sure did

cheerleader cartoon was awesome man i hope to develop a style kinda close to yours and spazkids someday congratz on the enlistment this means army cartoons are coming to ng yayyyyyyyyyy and also dont die

Thanks, and yeah I'll be sure to make army cartoons, lol. I most likely won't die, though the job I took was 11B which is direct infantryman, and it gets dangerous if I get deployed, but other than that I'll be fine.

haha congrats for the daily first dude. you deserved it ^^

D'aw thank you sir

hey Twisted4000 just to let you know uhm you almost reach 500 fans XD. yeah !!

Sooo close!

Enlisting in the army was stupid, but your characters' boobs are big, so you're not all bad. More jigglling next time. Start a Kickstarter for a budget to include more frames of titty jiggle.

Why would me enlisting in the army be stupid? It pays fairly well with free housing and full benefits, I get to fire guns and train all day (especially since my MOS is 11B), and come home to my barracks and still get to work on what I want to on my computer. But granted, if you're not into action and loud-noises and being screamed at all day, yeah, enlisting in anything military is pretty stupid.

No, the training is actually good. Only thing bad about it is you giving them the power to deploy you to kill for dubious purposes like oil or opium. Otherwise, what they give you is awesome. So try not to get deployed. And don't forget about the jiggling boobs, please.

Oh. Well yeah, that pretty much is a bad thing then, lol, but it's nothing that's in your control sadly. But I will somehow attempt to not get deployed. And yes I won't forget.

Good luck with the training! And definitely a fun video there. The title actually reminds me of Homestarrunner's pom-pom oddly enough :P.

Thanks, though I know the training will not be pleasant whatsoever, but it's gonna be an experience at least. And yeah the title also reminded me of Pom-Pom as well lol.

Well since you know about Homestarrunner then your latest video reminded me some what of a more mature version of Teen Girl Squad. Also thank for giving my smile back yesterday. Any way good luck with everything you do from now on.

Thank you!