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2013 Year in Review

Posted by Twisted4000 - December 29th, 2013

So I uploaded a year-in-review video for this year, just like I did last year. It is right here if you want to watch it.

So, for the typed version of the video, 2013 started with the publishing of Dual Force in April. As some of you know, it has so far been the longest video I've made to date. It's also been the longest time I've ever put into a video, partially because the file got corrupted and erased like a month's worth of work. Nevertheless, I pushed through and finished it.

Being disappointed with how much time it took me and how I really didn't feel accomplished at all after it's completion, I felt like making a short animation and finishing it fast. I pretty much always do original stuff, but this time I decided to make something about League of Legends. And less than a week later, Teemo's Birthday was born. Lol.

After which, Saminat, Rambojoe and I all got together and started to write a new script, and right about when Summer began, Sparkle Pom-Pom Squad was released. In comparison to my other projects, though it really doesn't mean much at all, it did the best. Huh, I wonder why...

About a month or so later, I started working on a video I called Automation, and in September, I released a trailer for it on YouTube, right here. Right after, I wanted to make a shorter video with a simpler plot, so I started working on that. Both of these videos are still currently in production and I'm really not sure when I'll finish them.

In early November, I got to work on yet another project, this one however was a commission animation for RicePirate, and I finished it just about a week ago. You should be seeing it uploaded to his channel and such whenever he feels like it, probably within a week or something, I dunno. He did all of the writing and audio-composing, while I did the rest. All I'll say is that I think it's pretty hilarious, the timing was executed very well, and his acting, as always, was phenomenal.

Other than projects that I have lent voices over for, that's about it for 2013. Hopefully in the next few months before Spring you'll see these other two cartoons out. I have so many ideas and things I want to do, but time is always an issue, especially with school being on top of everything. So here's hoping to a good, or at least mildly tolerable 2014, because to be completely honest, 2013 was absolutely horrendous and I hated it. It's been nothing but horny teenagers trying to be Spazkid making snarky cartoons and embarrassingly bad hentai. This was a terrible year, and I'm very disappointed in everyone for it.

The end.

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Happy new year!

I think that will work quite well for you as well as all of us

Time is always 'the' issue...
Them feels.