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Life Hacks! + Visit to NG Office

Posted by Twisted4000 - June 24th, 2014

Heyo everyone, you know those videos that all just copy each other and they show you little convenient tricks you can use throughout your day to make it a bit easier and they give it a really retarded name? Life Hacks, are they called? Well I made one of those! Well, a fake one. You'd have to be an idiot to think that it's real. But, then again, the majority of the population is pretty idiotic.

I basically just got new camera equipment and wanted to do something with it, and this is what we got. Also, I finally moved to Pennsylvania. I used to live in this general area years and years ago, and now that I just completed high school, I'm back. About a week or so ago I got a chance to visit the Newgrounds office and got to meet the great TomFulp and JohnnyUtah. They're pretty swell people. I plan on dropping by more often in the future.

Anyway, yes, I'm still doing animation stuff, I'm ALWAYS doing animation stuff. Hopefully soonish I should be uploading a cartoon here, but it may be a while, there's a couple that I need to get done.

And yes, the hat I'm wearing in that picture down there makes me look like I'm kinda drunk or something, but whelp what are ya gonna do


Comments (7)

I followed the tricks detailed in this video and now I'm approximately 4.6% more efficient in my daily life and I just got promoted from CEO to Ubermensch! Thanks, Twisted!

[thumbs up, cheesy smile, zoom in on teeth filled with that shitty waffle and blades of grass]

lol, glad I could be of help!

Cool man, hope to catch you at the next Pico Day!

I'll be there!

Your next video will be cool

Would've been funnier if played a tiny bit more straight. You spoiled the whole punchline of the video in the thumbnail! Just hold back a little bit before lifting the curtain in future and it'll give all the jokes a lot more impact.

Really good though, I liked it!

Actually that's very true... hm oh well the cat's out of the bag

And thank you

omg its tom

Thought tommy had an earing for a second there loooooool

The background music.... ahh memories. Great vid had me snickering fer quite a bit.