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Spooky Halloween Updates!

Posted by Twisted4000 - October 31st, 2014

Well, hey there. It's me. Listen, just thought I'd utilize this holiday to tell those of you who follow me or care at all what's been going on recently, as well as some things I've had up that you may not have been aware of. But first, let me just start you all off with a throwback video, just for this spooky occasion: A Word On Halloween. Yeah, it's old and outdated now, but it's the only Halloween video I ever made, so there you go, deal with it.


First off, my number one personal project for a while has been a game. It's a 2-player fighter, which I would say is going pretty neat; so far there are three game modes:

  • Offline 2-player, which is the old-fashioned "two-people-on-one-keyboard" thing.
  • Single player, which has a fully-functioning AI for the player to fight.
  • LAN multiplayer, where you can actually fight someone on a different computer entirely.

I only got a couple of characters and special moves down so far, and I have quite a few more I have to implement, but so far I think it's going pretty good. Kinda iffy about what I'm going to do with it when it's done, I mean what I WANT to do is get it greenlit on Steam, but who doesn't? We get there when we get there, I guess. At some point when it's in its beta stages I will probably release something showing it, but so far I've basically just been showing my patrons what I have done so far. My patrons? Who are they? Well, that brings me to my next point...

I've recently started a Patreon, which, to my pleasant surprise, has so far actually been going pretty nicely for my standards, I think. Already it's been so helpful for me, I've been working extra hard on my projects (some of them are not my own and eat up quite some time), and soon I'll be able to merely work on my own personal stuff... FULL-THROTTLE. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to! There's a couple of little perks in it for you, as well. Thanks to all who donated so far either way, it means so much to me, you don't even know.

What else? ...Uh. I also have a website, Twisted4kStudios.weebly.com. Actually, I've had it for a long time, going under different names over the years (like no joke, I started it when I was in elementary school, lolololol). What's the point of the site? It's basically a spot where I dump all my stuff I make, and also I post a pretty decent amount of blogs, WIP screenshots, and more there. I need a domain name for it though, I just don't feel like paying for it. So you get the "Weebly" garbage thing at the end, oh well. Check it out if you'd like. Whatever.

So, that's been most of what's going on. There's been a series bumbling around in my head for the longest time, I have most of the actors all ready to voice, but I still haven't finished any of its scripts and haven't really gotten around to it as a whole. The game has mostly been what has been in the way, though. I'd like to finish that stupid thing as soon as possible...

Happy Halloween, assholes


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is this game gonna be on newgrounds or steam or someplace else?

That's the thing, I'm shooting for Steam, but we'll have to see if it actually passes the Greenlight, whenever I put it up there. Though I love Newgrounds and would love to put it up here, unfortunately as far as time goes, that simple wouldn't really be worth it to me to make it some free game that 20,000 people got to play after over a year of development, you know?