2014 Year in Review

2014-12-28 14:28:49 by Twisted4000

As the end of 2014 draws near, let me take a quick recap on what happened this year...

I put together my annual year in review video, Twisted2014 Year in Review, but if you don't feel like watching it, you can just read all this:

It began with the release of A-Hole in Time, a project written and voiced by RicePirate, while animated by me. A few months before then, I wrote the script for Magic Wand Infomercial, which finally saw the light of day about a month after the release of A-Hole in Time.

Afterwhich, we got Why Cops Give Tickets, which like Magic Wand Infomercial, was written a long time before its actual release. Later I wrote the script for An Animal Crossing Tale, which was released after 10 Amazing Life Hacks You've Never Seen!, a dumb live-action filler thing, in September.

A few weeks after the publication of An Animal Crossing Tale, I started a Patreon, and to my surprise, it's actually working out so far. I'm really thankful for all my amazing patrons, because thanks to them I no longer really have to do much commission work at all and I can focus my efforts on my own personal projects for my audience. Thank you, patrons!

After all that, no real animation projects have been in much production, however, Saminat came on over early December, and we put together Civil Unrest, probably my last ever live-action film. Maybe. We'll see. But most certainly yeah.

Since January 2014, I've been working on a game, which I've mentioned a couple times before. Progress is good, but there's a lot of stuff that needs to be done with it. Hopefully we'll see that released in less than a year from now. If you're interested in testing it or whatever, let me know, we'll see what happens from there. There's a breif clip of it in the year in review video, as well.

Oh, and just throwing it out there, this is my website, my YouTube channel, and my Tumblr. Yeah. More links for you.

So that's basically it for the year... what do I think of it, as a whole? Honestly, it was certainly a step up from that 2013 trainwreck, but I didn't find it amazing, either. Still though, if this trend continues... I am very excited for 2015! I'm curious to see what it will bring.

Also, a super duper thanks to Tom Fulp, for allowing us to all get our work out there on this awesome site. We all take our hat off to you, good sir.

Hope you all had a good year, and here's hoping for a magnificient 2015!


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2014-12-28 16:05:09

Civil Unrest is going to win us an Oscar :P

Twisted4000 responds:

More like a Grammy


2014-12-28 23:26:53


Twisted4000 responds:



2014-12-29 02:49:46

You draw sexy ladays.

But you don't seem to go nsfw. The bulge in my pants wishes you would cross that line.

It wants you to join the Dark Side.

Twisted4000 responds:



2014-12-29 10:35:07

sorry i still havent sent you the lines for DBM EP 4 yet ^^
i'll try to do it soon enough

Twisted4000 responds:

Ah, alright sir! Lotta good work this year!


2014-12-30 16:19:03

wonder when it will happen


2015-02-04 19:20:25

you're stopping so many orgasms by not going nsfw

Twisted4000 responds:

ah well those orgasms will have to find somewhere else to splooge allover


2015-04-24 12:18:43