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The Updates of Glory

Posted by Twisted4000 - September 2nd, 2016

Ahoy. It's hard to believe that it's been over 9 months since my last post here. Crazy. Time just flew by this year. Well, I'm basically just here to say that I've been very good as of late; still working on the game, progress is good. Working on two animations, progress is good on both, one more so than the other. Working on the novel, at chapter 20 right now. Almost done. Working on a fairly-large commission on top of it all, and hopefully I'll be done on that sooner than later so I can start releasing this stuff sooner than later.

I've been streaming like crazy on my YouTube channel lately. I'd say on average it's been like two hours every three days or so. I've been having loads of fun with them and it's been great interacting with almost all of the audience involved, but you know how too much of a good thing goes... so I might be limiting them to once a week at this point, just in case. If you're interested and want to know when I stream, it's pretty spontaneous as of now, but again, I'll probably have a schedule for it soon.

It's crazy how long it's been since I've released a cartoon, though; the last one I published was Office Language nearly eleven months ago. This once-a-year cartoon-releasing habit I've adopted hasn't been so nice, but I'm hoping that changes really soon. I want to make a video for Thanksgiving just to help hold people over for the next few big projects I get around to releasing... but then again I've been SEVERELY debating it for many reasons, and if it does actually come out... well... you'll see as to why that is.

I've been drawing as usual, and though I've been pretty slow on releasing drawings, I've still been practicing a lot, as always. Recently I released a speed painting video on this succubus drawing right here. I plan to do more speed paintings as time goes on, just as another form of content to upload to my channel, blah blah blah.

In case you didn't know, I'm currently back in Colorado, for those that remembered me moving somewhere else temporarliy. Recently I've been feeling pretty great, better than I've been in years; I got this new AMAZINGLY awesome job that I'm just in love with, the weather's nice, the projects are all going great, I have some awesome friends to talk to and games to play... I just don't know, I feel good. It's been pretty fantastic, and lots of things that used to bother me barely do at all anymore. I'm just feeling generally pretty good. Sure, it may be a phase, but I wanna enjoy the ride while it still lasts.

What sucks though is that, due to moving, some hardware and items I've had got damaged. Unfortunately this is just an inherited issue when it comes to moving stuff around, and sadly that's where more money will have to get drained into. Fantastic. But you can't shake me down; I'M FUCKIN' BULLETPROOF. Not bombproof, though.

That's that, see ya at the end of the year with my year-in-review!


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Glad to hear everything is going well in Colorado! And you've written 20 chapters of a novel? Woah. Curious to see how the game is coming along.

Hey, there, Tom! :D Yeah, it's pretty crazy when I think about it, lol. And yeah I'll show you progress of the game sometime later this week, I'd love to get more input from you on it. I'm happy to see this site's still up and running and going the way it was regardless of this YouTube monetization controversy stuff going on. Oh, and thanks for the Twitter follow!

A game, a novel and two animations? Can't wait! Keep us updated

I shall, and thanks. :)

Lookin forward to all these junk, dude

Tyty. : )

Great to hear my man, keep it up

Heyo, there! And yes, I shall! Thank you.