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All Hallows' Day Update

Posted by Twisted4000 - November 1st, 2016

Ahoy there. Just a little post-Halloween update. I've been focusing most of my effort on a single animation that will be about 5 minutes long. It's taking quite some time and energy, but it's basically entirely a battle scene; battle scenes take time. There's a few other cartoons all lying around on the backburner, but I wanted to get this one finished so I can finally have something meaningful to show everyone sometime soon. I'm hoping it will be done before 2017. We'll see.

Last year I made quite a few audio tracks, basically a bunch of metal/punk rock songs. They're done with real guitars and basses, but the drums are synthesized. I, just a few weeks ago, made another, and I call it "I'm Going to Murder You". You can listen to it by clicking the link that is embedded into the title I just typed out just now, or you can take the challenging way of finding the song by venturing into my Audio page.

I've been doing a bit of voice work here-and-there as well as produced a little demo, though it's not as much of a demo as it is just me imitating some Hearthstone minions. Before the year's up, I will be producing another voice demo, as I do this annually. Either way, though, if you have a project with any roles you think I'd be able to fill, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Still working on a novel, still game developing, still breathing, still seeing, but I, as I know many of you creators have also experienced before or are experiencing at this very moment, have been going through the "what now?" phase of things; as in, you spend so much energy and time on a project, and when it's done, it's like, "what do I do with this now? How will people find this? What can I realistically do to get a decent number of people exposed to this? How do I make it so this thing I have created was actually worth my time?" It's brutal.

I'm always drawing stuff, and here is one my latest drawings:1980813_147803619532_twisted4000_overwatch-d-va.jpg


Yeah, that's D. Va.

Here are some screenshots of the next cartoons that will be released some day:



On my website, I upload WIP screenshots from time-to-time on my Screenshots page, there. You may click on those links if you feel like it.

So that's that, I guess. Oh, I'm also doing streams on my YouTube page about once every other week or so. Feel free to pop in whenever I'm doing one. I tend to make an ad for them a few hours prior before the event starts, so if you're subscribed, it should be fairly easy to keep track of when it will start. I basically just work on animations or draw as I answer your questions. They're mildly entertaining when they're not informative, at least.

All-in-all, it has been sheer chaos over here, lately; constantly stressed, constantly pissed-off due to dealing with people's bullshit, etc. But, no matter how bad you have it, someone, SOMEWHERE, has it MUCH worse than you. Keep that in mind.

That's it, see ya later.

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