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Not Bad

It is a well-made game and has all the basics down, but it's something we've seen very, very often. Shoot these guys, you're done the level, buy new things or repair stuff, and go to the next level and so forth... though it is well-done, it's sort of a cliche game. Kind of a "Poor idea, great execution" type of thing instead of it being in reverse order... which honestly isn't bad.

I noticed the shooting lacked a feel of power... I don't know, it's a tad hard to describe. When you shot, there seemed to be no recoil and the sound effects were kind of low-quality sounding. At this point, some may consider that I am nitpicking, but if you're going to make another Flash shooter like this, you have to offer things that others do not in order to set it apart, not just make a clone.

However, the drawings and background look very, very nice... the soldiers were well-animated as well. Seeing a ton of weapons to buy is always fun, too, since it gets the player to think "woah, I want that!! I have to keep playing to get that much money!" and it keeps them going.

Though it's decently-developed with minimal amounts of glitches, and it seems to work, I didn't find it very fun. I guess it's a good time-passer, but it really isn't much else.

Nice job, though, you are better than I am at making games. I would look forward to any other things you have planned in the future, just think of a unique idea next time.

Well, it's Pong

It's pong, and you have a pretty good-working AI set-up. For a Flash game, you probably could've done a bit better, by like adding in different kinds of Pong games and such, but it's decent.

RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Will, sorry i just wanted it i have did one in the past but it got blamed :( but i ng is ok with this. read my profile post there a new game coming out shortly ;)

Very Difficult, Fun to Play

It's fun, retro-styled, creative, and very difficult (which makes it fun as well). I noticed some glitches, though, some times the crates will teleport in the walls and just fall out of the screen, and you'll be unable to get it. Other than that, it's probably a good time-passer. Nice job.


The art is simply amazing and it somewhat reminds me of Limbo. The gameplay is decent but unfortunately I don't like point-and-click games, so that made it a bit un-fun for me. Still great though, I know it's going to get way better reviews from other people.

Perfect Multiple-Choice Flash Quiz

I was really surprised, this was a great multiple-choice test. I was happy to see all of the subcategories in the end, like "Physical" and "Mental" and all that, it's very specific and you know where you're at perfectly.

I got a Z+. :)

Good and Addicting

I like the animation and the art style. The game is simply fun to play, it's also very addicting and challenging. The controls just seem a bit slippery and sensitive, however. Still good.

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