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I really loved it, reminds me of this MMORPG I used to play when I was a kid, very nice, great work!

AshleyAlyse responds:

Awh, hurray! Thank you so much! :D Glad you like it. c:

As always... very awesome. I can't say it sounds COMPLETELY IDENTICAL, but it's VERY close and definitely much better than probably almost anyone else around here can do so... here is my 5 stars for you.

Gianni responds:

The thing about Warwick is that, as far as I can tell, he doesn't have editing or SFX on his voice. So I'm impressed with the VA, because he's right there alongside totally badass demons and stuff with intense audio effects on their voices, but he's just raw.

Not that those other VA's aren't good, they're great of course. But the SFX help boost them into even more awesomeness. I give this same compliment to other characters without SFX in that game.

Go listen to the Portuguese Warwick files. If you don't speak the language (like me), he sounds like a demon's possessed him. That remark may sound provincial, but it was my honest first thought. And it is indeed a compliment. Dogs spend their nights wishing they could growl as good as this guy.

I gotta use this for the ending scene and credits in my next video, very awesome as always!

lhceist41 responds:

Thanks for using one of my songs again
I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you

Has an awesome flow-like effect, all your music is great, while listening to them I always can imagine some video game gameplay. Nice job!

cheshyre responds:

That's awesome!!!! Thank you very much!!

Very nice, will be perfect for the ending scene in the next cartoon I'm making...

AshleyAlyse responds:

Hurray! I'm a fan of your work! Can't wait to see more stuff from you! Thanks for the review! n_n

Very nice job, will probably use this for my next animation I'm making...

DetiousMusic responds:

Go for it. As long as there's credits. (:

Very nice. Quite a calming voice you got there, Anna.

anjidu responds:

Thanks a lot. That was very nice of you ^.^

Awesome... again, with the depth of your voice, you sound simply amazing. You're incredibly talented at this.

Gianni responds:

Thank you! I'm always trying to improve, but I am at your service regardless.


I love the way you interpret his personality and the way he talks, like he stutters and sounds like a nervous, plain guy.

However, it sounds more like your normal voice as opposed to acting, to me, anyway.

EmilBergman89actor responds:

acting is not about "changing your voice" its about generating an athentic feeling not only presenting it but actually feeling the feelings itself (yes this is a very very emotionally straining teqnice called Method Acting)

That said you are completly correct, this is my normal voice, i am very able to go high pitch, or very dark and low, but i had not recived any form direction to how his voice should sound like, so i went with my normal one.

I apprichate the feedback, and know my doors always open for new projects should you need voice actors.

for an example of "diffrent versions" of my voice and personalties here is a monologe i did from Uncle Vanya .


Sorry for late reply, didnt actually see it until now.


I'm giving you a 9 because it is a very good sergeant's voice, but it doesn't really seem like it fits the NG Elite. Still very good voice-work.

RicePirate responds:

Well it certainly doesn't sound like Shock or Undead ... but I was going for the "mischievous smile" part of the character's face.

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