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Haha, pretty cool. Awesome that you included all these people, including me. But I am not a black guy!

deathink responds:

hahahah, yeah there are a couple joke about the way the members don't look like how they really look. sabtastic is also a black guy in this game lol.

Very neat idea, was a pleasure to work on and I think it really lit up the month and Christmas season just a little bit more! Each animation was fun to watch in its own unique way, whether it was funny dialogue, cool-looking animation, or simply border-line-terrifying. Thank you for this project! Very awesome.

Pretty Good

I was surprised, this was actually not a bad Flash game. It was hilarious, first of all, and the targets popped up for just the right amount of time so it wasn't too hard or too easy. The Trololol Guy's head and the Nyan Cat targets were also nice little bonus touches. I wish maybe the levels would change or something, but it's a great base.

Surprisingly Neat Perspective

I'm honestly surprised, the first-person perspective in this is great for a Flash game. It's fun to play for a little bit, but it's repetitive since no new types of birds or anything ever come. Plus the levels never change and you can't get any items, power-ups, new weapons or anything like that, which is disappointing. But overall, a nice base.


I surprisingly enjoy it. It's rainbow-wireframe graphics are very neat and the whole thing's just cool-looking. It's a fun little simple shooting game, but I think it's too easy and new types of enemies never show up. Very good base, though.

Very Nice!

I love it's NES style, so many memories. Unlike other NES-style Flash games I've seen, this one is near perfection. Other ones tend to still have a hint of modern in them, this one had the perfect controls, movement, physics, sounds, music, and it was like I was having a nostalgia attack... only I never even played this game before.

Very nice job, it's fun to play with the attacks you have and the various enemies you encounter.

VERY Interesting

A very interesting game. As far as game-play goes, it's an addicting puzzle game, to say the least. Graphics are obviously nothing special because they're just pixels, but I guess that's the style, so it doesn't really matter. The story is indefinitely the biggest thing to the game, though, very sad, and pretty creepy.

Nice job.

+Addicting puzzle game-play
+Interesting story to go with it
-Simple graphics
-Can get repetitive at times

Good, But a Bit Disappointing

Pretty nice graphics. It's a pretty overused concept for a Flash game, but it doesn't really get old too fast. Anyway, here's my review breakdown:

+Nice graphics
+Feels good and satisfying to shoot and hit a target
-Not enough targets, usually too easy
-Very slow-paced
-Lacks a real rewarding feeling

Overall, when you're shooting targets, it's very fun to play, but a lot of the time there is not enough going on, and it lacks that feeling of really being rewarded.

Also, though I love the feeling you get when you fire (how the screen slightly shakes, making it feel "powerful"), sometimes it is unresponsive.

Overall, you obviously know what you're doing with making games... but next time, just add more to it.

I Don't Know...

Graphics are like incredible. I love how everything looks hand-drawn and colored. It seems to be well-made and practically glitch-free game, however the actual concept of it has been overdone, and it's poorly executed.

The controls... I think I know where you planned on going with them, they're interesting, but standard controls would've made the game literally ten times better. Also, there's probably too many visuals in the way of the screen that blocks what you're trying to see and to understand what's going on. It moves too fast.

As far as your skill goes with making games, you seem very good at it, just gotta think of a different idea next time.

ArtyomL responds:

Thamk you kind sir, I'm actually more of an animator that a game developer, I made this just for fun.
And yes, since many people are ranting about the controls, I shall be more careful next time. Too much momentum, probably, ant the movement should be faster.
The visuals, on the other hand, I should have made a bit less distracting.
I'm not gonna update the game fixing all that, but I'll keep it in mind! Thanks!


Once again, ACFAN120, you amuse me.

This is hilarious and has a somehow original and fun concept. Most importantly, however, it's fun to play.

Everyone's probably going to complain about how it's incredibly quick and there;s only one level, which is understandable. However, you can easily fix this by making the very first level INSANELY HARD TO BEAT, which will probably add even more to the humor.

I would suggest tweaking the variables of the timers just a tad bit, try to make it super hard yet still slightly possible if you're really good. That would make this a perfect time-passing game in my book.

ACFan120onNewgrounds responds:

I was thinking of changing it to something like that, but then I remembered how much I hated games like that. Plus, I'd have to add something really awesome at the end to make it worth it. I might make another one where you have to compete in a contest against other people, but I won't promise anything.

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