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This is the next best thing to MC10's theme, I think. It's so spooky and crazy, it fits MC11 so perfectly that I don't think it could be perfected any further. Awesome work!!!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!

Dude this is sick, I don't even know how to describe what exactly it is that makes it great but it is. Very emotional sounding, fast, cool, I could totally play video games with this as the background music. Nice job!

Blarrgensnorf responds:

Thanks a ton! :>

Love it, really has a Madness Combatty feel to it.

i9incher responds:

I feel with drum and bass the best way to go is fast and dark. Something to run our fight to. I think madness combines both of toys elements rather well. Glad tot like my stuff still.

This was really awesome. When the father and son are talking, it sounds so gentle and calm, and the background ambiance really made it sweep me away into its atmosphere, it almost felt like I was there for a bit. And then the ending, that twist was perfect and very clever. Great job.

Saminat responds:

Thank you so much! Heheh, I was surprised how well that forest ambience did!

I'm so pumped for this movie... Trelis is an award-winning actor, it's gonna be insane!

Saminat responds:

It's going to kick so much ass, you'll probably go blind

I like it, the accents are nice and the voice-types are all well-delivered. At some points I think it sounds a bit breathy but other than that it's very good, nice job.

StomachBug responds:

Thanks Twisted, I'm glad you like it. I know what you mean about the breathy-ness, some of them were done before I knew how to master and produce voices better.

Sounds just like a real Game Boy game, nice job.

daigonite responds:

well it IS on a gameboy lol

:D Woohoo Spectres! Nice job haha. We gotta completely just make a whole collection of StarCraft quotes.

Saminat responds:

Now, who's going to do the medic? :}

I love it, excellent work, I gotta use this.

Nothins responds:

I always enjoy making song like this, even though its my first "song" of this type, its enjoy able. Glad you like it.

This was amazing, extremely catchy and cool, all with that Halloweeny-theme.... I need to use this for a future project, excellent work.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Brilliant, thanks for listening glad you like it! Definitely hit me up if you do anything with creative with it, I'd love to check it out! Thanks again!

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