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Holy crap, that was some really solid animation! You followed what Krinx does very well but also made it look unique to the style. Choreography was great, super fast paced, very dynamic, short, sweet, and to the point! This is an A+ Madness fan animation, great work!

DYERA responds:

So glad you think that way

That was the GREATEST ADDITION TO THE DEDMOS ADVENTURE YET!! It looks like Deimos really learned a lot throughout this saga of his, and he is now capable of taking full advantage of the powers he has in this dead/memory world he found himself in. I love all the jumping and flipping around he does, smashing his giant foes to bits. Oh yeah, him commendeering the agent's sunglasses was BA AF, it shows a lot about his personality. As always, it makes me question things, what does this all represent... very exciting stuff!

I love the inclusion of this new protagonist too, I think he was actually communicating with the dimension Deimos was in? This I think ties in somehow with the Nexus Project, interacting with the dead... and from what it LOOKS like, Deimos is now resurrected, but he accidentally brought over a few friends, too... oops

Anyway, this was awesome and I absolutely can't wait for what this will bring next, will we see Deimos interacting with his buddies again? It's amazing to think how it's been aaaaaall the way since MC9. GREAT JOB, KRINX!!!!!!

That was, I feel, not only the most awesome but most eye-opening, story-driving addition to the greatest online series ever that is Madness Combat. There's so much I loved about this, but I don't want this review to be 16 paragraphs long, so lemme keep it brief...

The action and choreography, as always, was insane. I especially liked it when those shield-barriers came out for the first time, and from there it got more and more crazily awesome. The whole time I felt a little nervous for our heroes Sanford and Hank, I was scared they were going to lose and I didn't want them to die again to Tricky or the Auditor. I also felt really bad for Sanford when he got slammed into that wall from like a mile a way, his expression and the way he just kept clenching himself... :( he just looked like he lost all hope... BUT THEN HANK CAME IN AND SAVED HIM!!! :D

I feel this is such an important addition to Madness Combat because, for the first time (disregarding the Deimos Adventure), we're possibly seeing what is a mechanical explanation as to what happens when characters die; this sort of Purgatory world (which is actually surprisingly similar to somewhere in Nevada) seems to have portals and opportunities for characters to come back into life. Perhaps Hank has been here and played this game so many times that it wasn't such a shocker to him?

I still have so many curiosities, such as what does the halo mean, what can it do, where did it come from, why was it rejected from Hank in MC10, is the clown truly dead now, how did the Auditor make it back out, how did Hank get that sort of metal arm, how is it that when they die in the Purgatory world they seem to come back on a different level, what are those levels adskifjaDOKFJDKOFDK AAAAAAAAAH MY MIIIIIIIND!!!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!?!?!?!?!?

Either way, AMAZING WORK, KRINX!! That was so worth the wait and I just can't wait to see with what you come out next!! I've been watching this series since I was in 4th grade and I'm 22 now lol. I just love this series so much. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!!!

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Haha, pretty cool. Awesome that you included all these people, including me. But I am not a black guy!

deathink responds:

hahahah, yeah there are a couple joke about the way the members don't look like how they really look. sabtastic is also a black guy in this game lol.

Very neat idea, was a pleasure to work on and I think it really lit up the month and Christmas season just a little bit more! Each animation was fun to watch in its own unique way, whether it was funny dialogue, cool-looking animation, or simply border-line-terrifying. Thank you for this project! Very awesome.

Pretty Good

I was surprised, this was actually not a bad Flash game. It was hilarious, first of all, and the targets popped up for just the right amount of time so it wasn't too hard or too easy. The Trololol Guy's head and the Nyan Cat targets were also nice little bonus touches. I wish maybe the levels would change or something, but it's a great base.

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This is the next best thing to MC10's theme, I think. It's so spooky and crazy, it fits MC11 so perfectly that I don't think it could be perfected any further. Awesome work!!!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!

Just stumbled upon this today, wow gave me chills, it's incredible, absolutely amazing job!

Dude this is sick, I don't even know how to describe what exactly it is that makes it great but it is. Very emotional sounding, fast, cool, I could totally play video games with this as the background music. Nice job!

Blarrgensnorf responds:

Thanks a ton! :>

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I only saw like 2 episodes of the show but when I read the title and saw this picture I immediately recognized what it was supposed to be, you did a great job not only with transforming the characters into humans but also with the colors.

Woah, hey you totally got this! I can absolutely see reading this. My only complaint (if I were to pick it apart) would be the panel where she's talking a lot, and there's a big speech bubble behind the characters. It looked a little "cheap" to me for some reason, maybe it was just the color choices? But again that's just being a nitpicker, the style is cutely awesome, shading and colors are good, and I love the hand-drawn feeling it has. Great work, I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Hell yes, a Deadmos promo poster!! Finally!

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