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This was awesome, lol I haven't even stumbled upon the first part yet but from what I see it was extremely cinematic. I love how you made all of your own custom graphics and, while referencing Madness Combat, made it your own completely new thing. Very cool and entertaining to watch, the way you moved the camera was perfect I felt, and the soundtrack applied to it all fit very well. I feel that not only are you good at making Madness stuff, but if you were to branch out of it, you'd be fantastic at making any other kind of cartoon. Awesome job!

A very unique Madness video that genuinely creeped me out. Nice and smooth. Excellent job!

This reminded me of Krinkels's older stuff a bit, I liked it. Fast-paced, good choreography and timing, I wasn't bored for a second. Sure it could use some easing at the start and ends of the motions but it was an entertaining Madness installment, I think. Nice job!

StHeromax responds:

Heh, thank you, pretty interesting comperison

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Haha, pretty cool. Awesome that you included all these people, including me. But I am not a black guy!

deathink responds:

hahahah, yeah there are a couple joke about the way the members don't look like how they really look. sabtastic is also a black guy in this game lol.

Very neat idea, was a pleasure to work on and I think it really lit up the month and Christmas season just a little bit more! Each animation was fun to watch in its own unique way, whether it was funny dialogue, cool-looking animation, or simply border-line-terrifying. Thank you for this project! Very awesome.

Pretty Good

I was surprised, this was actually not a bad Flash game. It was hilarious, first of all, and the targets popped up for just the right amount of time so it wasn't too hard or too easy. The Trololol Guy's head and the Nyan Cat targets were also nice little bonus touches. I wish maybe the levels would change or something, but it's a great base.

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Just stumbled upon this today, wow gave me chills, it's incredible, absolutely amazing job!

Dude this is sick, I don't even know how to describe what exactly it is that makes it great but it is. Very emotional sounding, fast, cool, I could totally play video games with this as the background music. Nice job!

Blarrgensnorf responds:

Thanks a ton! :>

I've always loved your songs ever since I've been watching Madness as a child, and I have to say I think this one is my favorite. I saw Madness 10 years ago but just today I listened to this song alone for the first time and not only do I think it's incredibly awesome, but I think it's also the most beautiful of the tracks in the series to date. There's just so much going on and the alarm sound that repeats throughout it is the icing on the cake for me. Thanks so much for the music, dude!

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I love how you did the hair and the colors, nice job. : )

sailormika responds:

ty!!! :)

You know what's funny, I clicked on this picture without reading the title and thought to myself "hey that kinda looks like Sans's outfit", and wouldn't you know it, that's who it was supposed to be! Lol nice job, looks great, I love the high contrast blue and black. Her face and hair are really awesome looking too.

Braivety responds:

Thanks alot! I really like the blue as well, haha. What was mostly a joke turned out pretty good all things considered xD

Dude this is awesome!! I love the crazed smile and chains, she looks like she's ready to pounce on someone ha. Fantastic job!!

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