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I can't wait to see this all put together, I love the direction it's going in and I'm hoping it will perhaps explain anything involving the Higher Powers or how characters come back to life. But above all PLEASE DEIMOS, REVIVE!!

The animation is extremely smooth and fun to watch, it's like a night-and-day difference from the previous Madness installments, and as usual I always love the attention to detail and hand gestures the characters have. That moment where Deimos chucks the Soldat's weapon away and just unloads on him was like a complete "NO, DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY BOY SANFORD". But "Sanford's" black face and all the cracks and flashing at the end...? Still trying to piece that together... not sure what it means... but I hope it becomes clear soon.


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Ha that was great, the battle scene was super cool and the camera movement was very well done. I especially laughed at the way Sonic was angrily storming off after he threw all the animals into the rocket for some reason.

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kalabor106 responds:

Heheh It was me drawing a poor version of some walk cycle. And me not caring to much thought well that looks good enough. Glad you found it funny xD

Awesome Madness as always. This is very interesting to me because, although it's obviously even more abstract than the usual vids, I feel like--to an extent, at least--it's canon to the story. I'm assuming it takes place in Hell? What exactly are the chains? But what really makes it tie together for me is the fact that at the end, not only does it look like they're outside the bakery from Madness Avenger, but was that Hank who fell down there that Deimos inspected? That's how he looked during the third Madness Combat... the puzzle continues...

Either way, awesome, can't wait to see more as always! :)

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Haha, pretty cool. Awesome that you included all these people, including me. But I am not a black guy!

deathink responds:

hahahah, yeah there are a couple joke about the way the members don't look like how they really look. sabtastic is also a black guy in this game lol.

...okay, that was actually pretty funny lol.

Very neat idea, was a pleasure to work on and I think it really lit up the month and Christmas season just a little bit more! Each animation was fun to watch in its own unique way, whether it was funny dialogue, cool-looking animation, or simply border-line-terrifying. Thank you for this project! Very awesome.

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I've always loved your songs ever since I've been watching Madness as a child, and I have to say I think this one is my favorite. I saw Madness 10 years ago but just today I listened to this song alone for the first time and not only do I think it's incredibly awesome, but I think it's also the most beautiful of the tracks in the series to date. There's just so much going on and the alarm sound that repeats throughout it is the icing on the cake for me. Thanks so much for the music, dude!

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This was awesome! The style of music and the way the singer's voice sounds reminds me of Less Than Jake. I love it.

Woah, this blew my mind! I love the melody of the horns and how clear and crisp the audio is. Vocals are fantastic as well. Keep it up!

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Very breathtaking, dude. I love Deimos and I feel you put a very accurate, dramatic depiction on the character's true feelings, and that's a milestone considering how Madness Combat is a series largely consisting of a bunch of faceless characters inanely running around and killing each other, (not taking anything away from the series). I think you did awesome at tapping into the true feelings Krinkels had.

That is one solid Wario. I love the colors.

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TristanTait responds:


I dunno why I didn't see this earlier, but this is pretty awesome looking, man! Keep it up!

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