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Yoooooooou are very amazing at this.

daigonite responds:


Your work is always very clean! Your use of gradients is once again perfect, the red and purples do blend together well. He's also in a pretty nift pose. Nice job!

FrostDrive responds:

It's clean because I draw everything twice. A rough draft. then a final. and I'm usually zoomed in alot. 342%.
I think I might ditch the gradients, even though they're so subtle. Because, gradients are lame yoh'! I was actually just trying it out for awhile to see if they COULD work, and I was wrong. lol
anyways. Thanks for the review. (:

It's really basic, but it's extremely clean, could imagine a style like this on TV, so good job!

Frugele responds:

Oh! Thank you darlin' c: and yeah, it's really simplish, i love doin' things like this. :3c

And soon it'll be in TV >:C ... well really Idk anythin' lol. I hope ;n;

:) Very nice.

I like the shines in her hair. Her pose is really nice, too. This really does seem like a pretty professional design here, you look like you really understand coloring and such. Good jarb.

FrostDrive responds:

Wanna know all the errors?
Look at her foot, and..the lack..of her other foot. :D

Yep yep yep really nice, again with the shading and line-work, so appealing to me. I like her pose and her facial-expression, also the gradient in her hair and face (if they're even there? See, SLIGHT gradients are a good sign that they're being used PROPERLY).

But for some negative stuff, the background near the top-half is definitely pretty empty, you should usually only give your characters some slight head-room from the ceiling of the drawing if your main focus is on them. Aaaand this may be kinda biased but I think her breasts need to be a little bit bigger in this picture, it seems kinda out of proportion with her hips.

BUT overall very nice, I like Claire. :)

FrostDrive responds:

Ah yeh, her breasts are pretty small compared to her hips. U:
This picture in particular has a lot of anatomy errors for my..style. I don't know why I had so much trouble with it. xD
Her face makes a good icon though. :D
and yes SLIGHT gradients work well, anymore than slight is too much and ruins it.

Awwwwwwww yeah man.

Very nice line-work and coloring, love the combination of the light gradients and the cell-shading. Hair's kinda polygonny-looking, but I think it matches the style of the overall drawing pretty well.


I also like her facial-expression, boobs and hips. :) Good jorb.

FrostDrive responds:

the polygonal hair is made up of harsh angles, to subconsciously suit her personality/character.

Making a "bad guy" with soft round hair, doesn't work. :P|
This'll probably be my only character with cleavage. xD
And it's just because it fits her character.

Wooooooooooaaaahhhh okay you REALLY improved with this one.

FIRST I'm just going to say the negative aspects: her pose is more on the stiff side, especially the legs, like she looks like she's standing up but at the same time she should me like floating? Unless she's supposed to be standing up... I don't know. Her left arm and hand looks kinda jacked a bit as well, BUT a big improvement from your usual stuff, since the stiffness seems to be one of your greatest weaknesses with your art...

NOW for some good stuff... the coloring... I REALLY like it. It's somewhat more dim, but accompanies with the shining and shading, I think you did it well enough for the armor to actually look like a realistic white-golden-color, which is kinda beautiful to me. I also like the red-brown-tan color you used, there's just so much harmony, I really like it.

The energy ball staff thingy is also done pretty well, can't really think of any obvious issues with it. Also her right arm and hand look pretty good. Background is somewhat plain, but at the same time it somehow matches the character, it's not too saturated or anything, I guess it may be because it's almost a yellow-green, which is complimenting the yellow-white? I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to colors, but I CAN say I like the way it looks.

And as for what FrostDrive said, I kinda have to agree that the face shows little personality, I mean it's a standard, cutesy anime girl face, which you executed fairly well, but the actual concept of that... is just a cutesy anime girl. Nothing too wrong with it, BUT you generally make that face with a lot of your other drawings, I would suggest a change up.

BUT overall nothing bad, kinda makes a good character shot, though the pose is really nothing special, it's kinda like she's just standing there, but the coloring and line-work and such are good. Probably your best drawing, good job. Next time I would really like to see where you go if you spend some time sketching and making the pose a bit more complex with a character... then apply your skills of coloring, line-work, shading and shining, and I think you'd have a pretty nice drawing...

bocodamondo responds:

well...duel monsters are allways like flying and standing in the sky at the same time.
what you and frostdrive said about the face...i dont get it...this how i usualy draw faces eyes..thers no different at all..and this is also like everyone else do it in.............;deviantart................
i guess its a matter of taste. "i cant allways give the characters the same expression...this would be boring and ANNOYING"
green & yellow just fits PSYCHICS...thats exactly the colors she have in the trading card..

you talk about so much rules & details ....i draw just for fun...i dont even know most of the names..
i didn even know what "anatomy" means. or...whatever

so...whatever. if you ask me i did a good imrpovement in this artwork if you look at my previous ones
...face expression...........face expression..........f a c e e x p r e s s i o n .

Very nice, probably one of your best works, it just seems like the posing and all is correct, colors are nice and soft, and it has neat shading. Good job.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks but i dont give a F))) about the linerart or positions here.
the only thing importing for me here is if that coloring methode is good or not ^^

Oooooh I really like this! You're good at drawing armor, detailing, and coloring! I guess my complaint though is that the background is blank, and the shadows are kinda messy, but eh, whatever, I do like this, lol.

JewelMaiden responds:

Thank you kindly! I just noticed after your comment that my shadows, are indeed very messy! I should probably paint a more solid shadow form. :)

Very nice, you used the gradients perfectly along with regular shading, the colors have a very nice tone and lots of harmony together. Pose and expression are also very well-done and very cute, nice job!

FrostDrive responds:

lol "regular shading"
It's called cell shading BRO'

Thanks for the compliment! I think I might change the background colors to blue, it's only yellow cuz i had this idea of making it a spotlight, now I just kinda see SO much yellow as an eyesore.

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