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Livestream #3 is Now Live

2013-12-07 18:14:52 by Twisted4000

I'll be animating and talking to Rambojoe.

Edit: And now it is finished.

Livestream #2 is Now Live

2013-12-01 17:56:19 by Twisted4000

Last week, Saturday, I said I'd be doing these weekly... which would've meant my second livestream would have taken place YESTERDAY... but I was busy, i was hanging out with deadlycheese123 for the first time in like over a year, so I was unable to. But now I am. So here we go. I'll be livestreaming with Veselekov.

Update: And now... it's not live anymore, because it's over. Seeya next week!

My First Livestream is Live

2013-11-23 18:58:33 by Twisted4000

So I'm doing a livestream for the first time right about now, you can watch it here.

Basically I'll just be animating a video and talking to Rambojoe and possibly some others.

EDIT: Stream is now over. Went for about 2 hours, actually went pretty well. I guess I'll be doing these once every Saturday or whatever.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope yours went well. I wanted to make a Halloween-themed animation this year, but there's been no time whatsoever for me, just too busy on multiple animations, drawings, school, and all kinds of other crap. But if you haven't seen my last Halloween animation, I made one for the Halloween of 2012. Here it is.

Anyway, that's all. I normally don't like to make posts unless I actually released something, but just to let you know, I'm not done... never will be, probably. Got so much stuff planned, but time is always an issue. So busy!

That is that, take care.

So I've been working on an animation I call "Automation" since last mid-Summer, and I finally have a trailer out for it, which you can watch on YouTube right here if you wish. Don't get me started on how difficult it was to make that trailer. The stupid program I was using to render it just wouldn't cooperate 95% of the time. It crashed at least 15 times in production.

The trailer features the music track "Untamed" by Devastus as well as "Epicity" by Xenogenocide. Those guys are dang-fine music composers! If you like music, I implore you to check them out.

Anyway, I hope the video will be finished soon, but it probably won't be for a few months. I have another animation project in the works as well, which will sort of be a satirical infomercial-styled thing. Hopefully it will go well. I'm gonna be pretty backed up soon though, got some commission work coming up off in the distance. Exciting, though!

In other news, I've done some voice work (and I think it's funny how people call it "work", because, well, it's not) for a couple of projects out there, but two of the most recent ones I've been included in are The Strongest Square and The Client's Always Right by Gerkinman. Lemme tell you, that is one awesome guy. He has such a unique and interesting style. And you know what's funny, Gerkinman was one of my biggest animation influences back about 6 or 7 years ago as I recall, when I was first getting into animation. I would have thought you were crazy if you were to tell me that I would be voicing for him one day.

Anyhow, that's that. October's coming up, and that is my favorite month. Yey. Take care.

New Projects

2013-09-12 20:30:10 by Twisted4000

I've had two projects in the works for a while, one is a big one the other is a bit smaller. The big one has a premise involving robots, and it's going to be sort of an action/thriller deal, not so much a comedy. The other thing IS a comedy. Not sure when they will be out, but let's hope it's soon. I'll have a trailer out for the robot video in hopefully a few weeks. Just been super busy with school and commissions and bleh, it's hard to find time to finish up on this stuff, but I'm TRYING GAH.

Heyo, I finished a video I call Sparkle Pom-Pom Squad which you can watch here or on YouTube. It's a video about cheerleaders on a high school football game I guess.

This past whole week I was in PA visiting family, since that's where I used to live up until about 5 years ago when I moved out to Colorado. Funnily enough, I just recently found out that Spazkid and the gang used to live literally just a few minutes away from my old house, so I actually got to go and hang at their home for a bit last Monday, it was pretty awesome. Spaz and I went to Dunkin' Donuts and got coffee. He also bought a grilled cheese sandwich for himself but I think he later regretted it because he said it was disgusting. I also got to meet Stamper. I must say, both of those guys were very welcoming and nice to hang and talk with. Unfortunately I had to leave in quite a hurry because I had to catch my plane-ride home. :(

But in other other news, I've recently enlisted in the US Army. I've been bent on doing this for some time now, and a couple weeks ago I got through the entire recruiting process as well as MEPS, so just call me Private Twisted4000! Or not, you don't have to. I'll be shipped out next year since I still have to finish school. And yes, I'll have my computer and everything there, so I'll still be able to work on videos and such. As long as I don't die or lose my hands.

So um yep that's it, see ya.

So after over half of a year I finished this thing, here it is on Newgrounds. And here it is on YouTube. What took so long? Well first off, it was naturally just a very long video (I even cut out some parts that were scripted to shorten it), but also because, as I've stated multiple times, the file got corrupt and randomly deleted multiple scenes instantaneously, thus making me redo them. Unfortunately I think the quality kinda sucks at some parts, and that was mainly due to me being lazy and angry at the fact I had to redo it lol. But anyway, enjoy. I'll think of what I'll make next, and it WON'T be this long ever again.

I Just Lost Like A Month's Worth of Work lol

2013-02-19 19:15:47 by Twisted4000

K so I was animating my Dual Force cartoon, I was hoping to finish it by the end of this month, or early-mid-March, but then I think just now I may have accidentally deleted the last like 4 scenes and then saved the document, and I tried everything, this file repair program, restoring the file to a previous version, but I just get an error that says "Could not load scene into memory. Your document may be damaged." Sooo ummm yey I just lost like all that work. Welp, now I have to redo those scenes. Sorry, it's going to take like another month or so. I really wanted to be done with this project, but now I got wait even longer hahaha. Ah well.

So remember kids: ALWAYS SAVE BACKUPS. I saved one backup, but that was like 2 months ago so it serves no purpose now. I should start saving them literally like almost every day.

But in good news though (or bad news, depending on how you look at it), the video is like 6 minutes long right now, and it's going to be about 8 or so when it's finished. Woooow that is a long video and it's no wonder it took me like since last October to finish it lol.

Dual Force Trailer Released

2013-01-11 02:54:46 by Twisted4000

I finally finished Dual Force! Well no, I didn't. I finished the trailer for it. How exciting.

You can watch it like right here if you want. The music I used in it was Viking Barbers from Space by Devastus. SICK song, by the way. Oh and I was actually planning on using it even BEFORE RicePirate used it in his Dark Knight Rises video. What a mind-copycat!! Oh he's voicing in Dual Force, by the way. So is SirUndead and TDK1987.

As I said before I hope to get the full thing out this February.

And as always, buncha other stuff going on. Working on a game, conjuring up ideas and scripts for future videos that I'm OVER THE MOONLY excited for. But I can't really get to those until I free myself from Dual Force's chains. That's my motivation to finish it.

Plus I'm also, as usual, practicing my art, coloring, design, all that good stuff. Oh and I'm voicing for some video by SwagMuffin. Not sure when that will come out but seems neatorific.

That's all, TOODLES c: