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Twisted4000's News

Posted by Twisted4000 - January 23rd, 2012

So I released a trailer for the new cartoon I'm making, "You're Firing Me!?".

That is all for now.

Posted by Twisted4000 - January 16th, 2012

Figured I'd do a post on this since it finally got taken off the front page...

As this is being typed, Generic Skyrim Movie has garnished over 65,000 views, the Daily Feature Award and 11th place of the week for 1/11/12, a score of 4.14, and around than 380 favorites. That's, so far, my record. Yes, the animation wasn't the best, but I didn't put as much effort into that one compared to some of my other movies because, when I DID put over a month of work into a cartoon to get some fluid animation, they still didn't get much recognition. So quit complaining, to those of you who are. To those of you who aren't, thanks.

Now, the future... well, there's still that game I'm making, but I'd expect it to be released sometime this mid-Summer or so, since it's one of my lower priorities at this point in time. For future cartoons, I have about 3-4 things planned, but I think I've decided on what I want to do, and I'm writing the script for it right now, as a matter of fact. Yes, I'll put a LOT more time into the animation and try to get the outlines for the characters very thin and clean.

Take care.

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm also helping DingoWalleyStudio with his "Candle Cove" series with some animation. Also I get to do a little voice, woohoo!

Posted by Twisted4000 - January 10th, 2012

I finished the Skyrim parody I've been working on. You may watch it if you want.


Posted by Twisted4000 - January 5th, 2012

My latest and not-so-greatest cartoon, "Generic Skyrim Movie", is in production. It's been so for about a week now, and I'm roughly 55% complete. You may watch the trailer below if you'd like.

If you watched the trailer, you may now know there's another character in it other than the Dovahkin and another Skyrim-related character, just so I don't piss everyone off TOO much... I wanted to do something different... I also hope to get some recognition with this cartoon when it's released... it should be completed in less than another week, I suppose.

Call it gimmicky... but that's because it is.

Take care.

Posted by Twisted4000 - December 29th, 2011

What a surprise, ANOTHER Skyrim parody? That's right, they seem to be all the rage... I have two other movies planned that I want to make, but we'll experiment first with this and see what reaction it gets...

Skyrim Movie

Posted by Twisted4000 - December 21st, 2011

11th place. Not enough to get an award... but hey... this is the first time I've ever gotten into the top 15 of the week, so it's still an award to me.

Take care.

"House of Apparition" Makes it Into the Top 15

Posted by Twisted4000 - December 14th, 2011

It's finished. You may watch it here if you'd like. Or, you may go directly to my Flash submissions and watch it there. Either way works.

Take care.

Posted by Twisted4000 - December 10th, 2011

I made a trailer for the Flash movie I've been making for about a month. It's roughly 85% complete at this point.

Check out the trailer here on YouTube, if you want - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE6tbCV YQ8Q

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Take care.

Posted by Twisted4000 - November 26th, 2011

Movie I'm making. About 40% done I guess. Started on the 14th this November, should be done by mid-December... basically these teens are dared to walk into a haunted house. Later, they realize the ghosts in there... NEED THEIR HELP!! They must find a "dark presence" that lurked its way into the building and get rid of it, since its been keeping the ghosts from peace.

By the way, it's a comedy. Though I am putting a considerable amount of time into the animation. This one will have a longer running-time than my previous movie, and hopefully it gets a fair rating.

"House of Apparition" Movie In Progress

Posted by Twisted4000 - November 13th, 2011

A little Flash movie I made in 8 days. Went pretty well, to be honest. Hopefully when I release it it gets some more positive reviews than my previous videos... :(

I don't plan on releasing it on Newgrounds this week because it would have to compete with other Flash movies that just got released that have like a 4.5/5, there's no way this thing is gonna get like a "3rd place of the week award" or whatever with those movies around.

So I released it on YouTube and deviantART so you can still watch them for now, I guess. Here are the links if you're actually interested:

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrLfUZl y_lE
deviantART - http://twisted4000.deviantart.com/art/