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The work is pretty clean, such as outlining and coloring, but the shading really does look a lot like gradients, even though I know it's soft-shading. They just look incredibly flat. Also the brown-red shading doesn't go very well with the other colors, there's no harmony. Anatomy's pretty off, too. Background's kinda neat, though.

Very nice, clean work, I love the black shading!

For using one color, that's pretty good, you showed the contrast and depth nicely, good job!

AWESOME use of colors, great line-work and details in the clothes, nice work!

It's really basic, but it's extremely clean, could imagine a style like this on TV, so good job!

Frugele responds:

Oh! Thank you darlin' c: and yeah, it's really simplish, i love doin' things like this. :3c

And soon it'll be in TV >:C ... well really Idk anythin' lol. I hope ;n;

I love her eyes and the pose she's in, plus the bubbly texture in her hair, nice work!

Amazing, I love the combination of the fluorescent pinks and blues you used, very clean, appealing work, great job!

:) Very nice.

I like the shines in her hair. Her pose is really nice, too. This really does seem like a pretty professional design here, you look like you really understand coloring and such. Good jarb.

FrostDrive responds:

Wanna know all the errors?
Look at her foot, and..the lack..of her other foot. :D

Yep yep yep really nice, again with the shading and line-work, so appealing to me. I like her pose and her facial-expression, also the gradient in her hair and face (if they're even there? See, SLIGHT gradients are a good sign that they're being used PROPERLY).

But for some negative stuff, the background near the top-half is definitely pretty empty, you should usually only give your characters some slight head-room from the ceiling of the drawing if your main focus is on them. Aaaand this may be kinda biased but I think her breasts need to be a little bit bigger in this picture, it seems kinda out of proportion with her hips.

BUT overall very nice, I like Claire. :)

FrostDrive responds:

Ah yeh, her breasts are pretty small compared to her hips. U:
This picture in particular has a lot of anatomy errors for my..style. I don't know why I had so much trouble with it. xD
Her face makes a good icon though. :D
and yes SLIGHT gradients work well, anymore than slight is too much and ruins it.

Awwwwwwww yeah man.

Very nice line-work and coloring, love the combination of the light gradients and the cell-shading. Hair's kinda polygonny-looking, but I think it matches the style of the overall drawing pretty well.


I also like her facial-expression, boobs and hips. :) Good jorb.

FrostDrive responds:

the polygonal hair is made up of harsh angles, to subconsciously suit her personality/character.

Making a "bad guy" with soft round hair, doesn't work. :P|
This'll probably be my only character with cleavage. xD
And it's just because it fits her character.

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