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Very nice, probably one of your best works, it just seems like the posing and all is correct, colors are nice and soft, and it has neat shading. Good job.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks but i dont give a F))) about the linerart or positions here.
the only thing importing for me here is if that coloring methode is good or not ^^

Oooooh I really like this! You're good at drawing armor, detailing, and coloring! I guess my complaint though is that the background is blank, and the shadows are kinda messy, but eh, whatever, I do like this, lol.

JewelMaiden responds:

Thank you kindly! I just noticed after your comment that my shadows, are indeed very messy! I should probably paint a more solid shadow form. :)

Very nice, you used the gradients perfectly along with regular shading, the colors have a very nice tone and lots of harmony together. Pose and expression are also very well-done and very cute, nice job!

FrostDrive responds:

lol "regular shading"
It's called cell shading BRO'

Thanks for the compliment! I think I might change the background colors to blue, it's only yellow cuz i had this idea of making it a spotlight, now I just kinda see SO much yellow as an eyesore.

Ha, very neat, I really like the pose and your shading.

Um... nice lol.

Oh Wow

This is beautiful. Has a very nice color-pencil style to it and your colors are incredible. Just gorgeous.

FrostDrive responds:

Color pencil style. haha, it's all digital bro'
But thanks for complementing the colors, I was SO conscious about that.


I really love it, I adore its style and your use of colors, well-done!

FrostDrive responds:

Thanks man! :'D

Great Colors

Man, I have no idea how you get your hues like that, it all has this slight shade of pink and purple, I love it. Line-work and overall anatomy are nice, too.


All your pictures are so cleanly-drawn and nicely shaded, I like it.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks buddy ^^


I want to be there.

The shading and colors are very, very nice. Very cleanly-drawn, as well. I love your art!

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