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This is basically every social media website these days, followers simply don't get notified of the stuff they've subscribed to like they used to.

I only saw like 2 episodes of the show but when I read the title and saw this picture I immediately recognized what it was supposed to be, you did a great job not only with transforming the characters into humans but also with the colors.

Woah, hey you totally got this! I can absolutely see reading this. My only complaint (if I were to pick it apart) would be the panel where she's talking a lot, and there's a big speech bubble behind the characters. It looked a little "cheap" to me for some reason, maybe it was just the color choices? But again that's just being a nitpicker, the style is cutely awesome, shading and colors are good, and I love the hand-drawn feeling it has. Great work, I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Hell yes, a Deadmos promo poster!! Finally!

Duuude this is SICK!! Not only did you do a great job capturing the feeling of the episode, but you also put so many creative twists to it that makes it a truly artistic piece! Great job. : )

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it! :DD

I love how you did the hair and the colors, nice job. : )

sailormika responds:

ty!!! :)

You know what's funny, I clicked on this picture without reading the title and thought to myself "hey that kinda looks like Sans's outfit", and wouldn't you know it, that's who it was supposed to be! Lol nice job, looks great, I love the high contrast blue and black. Her face and hair are really awesome looking too.

Braivety responds:

Thanks alot! I really like the blue as well, haha. What was mostly a joke turned out pretty good all things considered xD

Dude this is awesome!! I love the crazed smile and chains, she looks like she's ready to pounce on someone ha. Fantastic job!!

This is the greatest thing ever

Marklikeart responds:


Dude this is awesome, nice work!! Also I love how unfazed Luigi looks

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