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Awesome colors!

Love the face, pose, dynamics, everything! You're really great at making super hyper actionny images. Great work!

I love what you did to her design, so much more realistic, cool, and believable. Excellent!

This is epic and I would absolutely see this movie. I especially love the lighting from the muzzle flairs and fire (on Hank, Deimos and Tricky). Nice job!

I LOVE your style and colors.

Zet92 responds:

Thanks so much ^^!

This is basically every social media website these days, followers simply don't get notified of the stuff they've subscribed to like they used to.

I only saw like 2 episodes of the show but when I read the title and saw this picture I immediately recognized what it was supposed to be, you did a great job not only with transforming the characters into humans but also with the colors.

Woah, hey you totally got this! I can absolutely see reading this. My only complaint (if I were to pick it apart) would be the panel where she's talking a lot, and there's a big speech bubble behind the characters. It looked a little "cheap" to me for some reason, maybe it was just the color choices? But again that's just being a nitpicker, the style is cutely awesome, shading and colors are good, and I love the hand-drawn feeling it has. Great work, I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Hell yes, a Deadmos promo poster!! Finally!

Duuude this is SICK!! Not only did you do a great job capturing the feeling of the episode, but you also put so many creative twists to it that makes it a truly artistic piece! Great job. : )

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it! :DD

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