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Loooove the pose and the colors! :)

Your work is always very clean! Your use of gradients is once again perfect, the red and purples do blend together well. He's also in a pretty nift pose. Nice job!

FrostDrive responds:

It's clean because I draw everything twice. A rough draft. then a final. and I'm usually zoomed in alot. 342%.
I think I might ditch the gradients, even though they're so subtle. Because, gradients are lame yoh'! I was actually just trying it out for awhile to see if they COULD work, and I was wrong. lol
anyways. Thanks for the review. (:

I dunno... I mean I appreciate all the work put into it, there's a ton going on to keep the eyes itnerested, but everything is just off, it's all so wrong, there's so much lack of detail, the coloring is very boring, too. All the characters are so flat. Also Kirbopher's hands look pretty jacked, I hope you improved on your anatomy and overall drawing skills by now...

The work is pretty clean, such as outlining and coloring, but the shading really does look a lot like gradients, even though I know it's soft-shading. They just look incredibly flat. Also the brown-red shading doesn't go very well with the other colors, there's no harmony. Anatomy's pretty off, too. Background's kinda neat, though.

Very nice, clean work, I love the black shading!

For using one color, that's pretty good, you showed the contrast and depth nicely, good job!

AWESOME use of colors, great line-work and details in the clothes, nice work!

It's really basic, but it's extremely clean, could imagine a style like this on TV, so good job!

Frugele responds:

Oh! Thank you darlin' c: and yeah, it's really simplish, i love doin' things like this. :3c

And soon it'll be in TV >:C ... well really Idk anythin' lol. I hope ;n;

I love her eyes and the pose she's in, plus the bubbly texture in her hair, nice work!

Amazing, I love the combination of the fluorescent pinks and blues you used, very clean, appealing work, great job!

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