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There was just something I really loved about this.

Art and animation were both very simple, but the colors were REALLY nice and popped out, animation had a very nice fluent effect and it had this sort of rhythm and pace that was kinda hard to describe... but I loved it. It never got boring, everything's constantly moving, it just kept me interested. You seem to understand motion and the way physics works, but you over-exaggerate it without making it just go off and stop making sense, it's just fun to watch. THIS THING IS ACTUALLY PLEASANT TO LOOK AT. All the cartoony sound effects you put in it matched so well.

Voice-acting was great, very over-the-top and just well-done. Mic quality could've been better, I mean if anything, but other than that I really enjoyed it.

This whole thing is basically just a good, well-paced and well-thought-out cartoon that is fun to watch and not just an ugly, failed attempt at copying someone else's style. You actually have your OWN style of drawing and animating, and I think it is great. One of the few videos on here that I actually want to watch more than once.

Well-done, I want to see more.

molkman responds:

Thanks alot, dog.

Well some parts were animated decently, but most of the time, I dunno, the physics were just off. I mean yeah it doesn't need to be 100% realistic, that's fine, but it just wasn't pleasing to look at. The motions, especially the close-ups of their faces moving around... the force behind the movements just didn't add up with them. It was very disrupting to the animation flow.

The colors had very little harmony, but I can see you were going for that sort of limited-spectrum look, which is cool-looking IF it is done right. I can't begin to explain how many people go for that coloring style and just fail at it (it's what most people call the "Egoraptor Style", but I don't choose to call it that because he wasn't really the one who like INVENTED it or anything, he just happens to use it). When it showed that old guy it looked okay on his face, the shade of pink you used worked decently with the color of his skin, but other characters just looked wrong. Like they had this brown-pink color with a brown purple to shade it, and both colors were on the same general brightness level. Shading needs to be DARKER than the original color, not just a different color. At one time the shading was actually BRIGHTER, it was just wrong to me.

At some parts I see there were lots of details and wrinkles in the faces, which, again, is funny if it's done correctly. But most of the time it just looked like a bunch of random thin lines with no real set facial pattern. Again, this is another issue I see a lot of people have in their animations.

In conclusion for the visuals, they were okay, I mean they weren't super BASIC, I'll give you that, but it kinda just seems like you can't yet handle the style you're attempting to jump after. Do something that is in your grasp and that you are knowledgeable of. It's almost like trying to cook some fancy dish, but you haven't yet perfected how to actually make it, but you make it anyway, then you end up with something... kinda like it, but tastes half as good? I would rather have a more SIMPLE meal that at least TASTES good and like it's supposed to because it was prepared correctly. I dunno, that's sort of just an analogy that popped into my head, hope you understand.

As far as humor and writing, it didn't even really make me chuckle. Too many memes, very forced.

If you really want to animate in that style, please at least PRACTICE before hopping right on it and ATTEMPTING to do it. I hope this is helpful.

ZenithQuinn responds:

It's no masterpiece! :) I could have put more time into the art, but I just wanted to get rid of it and start something new.

Well that was actually pretty impressive.

The biggest thing this had going for it was the animation, most of the time it was pretty nice. However, there was just something about it that was off-putting... literally every few seconds the quality of it just kept flipping back-and-forth from great to just gloppy and strange. Very inconsistent. But it's not TOO too much to complain about, considering most animation around here that I see is just tweeny and bad. Looking at something more like this is pretty refreshing. Colors were okay as well.

As for actual content it really didn't do too much for me. It was just another Pokemon thing. Battle scene kinda failed to impress me since it was really just one attack that made the screen flash, which is extremely common in most battle scenes these days. Voicing was okay in some areas but sorta sub-par in others, it really wasn't anything special.

But it was a good effort and it does look like it took a long time so I'll give you a 4. Just work on consistency in the animation is all.

AngelXMIkey responds:

Yeah most of this was frmae by frame animation. Thanks for your Cnc it was really good and I will take what you said and apply it to my next animation ;D

I really enjoyed this.

Wow... you... actually have your OWN style of animation?? It's not just another attempted-rip-off of another person? WOOOAH!!!

But seriously I loved the animation. Line-work wasn't the best but the animation was fluent and worked-out. Colors were nice. It was funny, a huge variety of characters. Nice voice-acting as well, excellent work.

coughing-dog responds:

Thanks! It was a bit rushed so the linework was fairly rough.

Other than the fact of there being no voices, I loved the frame-by-frame pieces you did in this. Line-work's extremely clean, great job on the coloring. I want to see where you go with this...

Plus, gratz on the award!! :)

bocodamondo responds:

i sure never expected an award for this ^^
thanks you Beta Tester >:D

Hmm well there's a couple things I liked about it but a lot of things I particularly didn't.

First off, I like how the animation is smooth. I like the backgrounds, they look very traditionally-drawn and they're interesting. The colors you used were basic, but they popped out nicely and weren't in any way dull.

For what I didn't like, everything sort of went very out-of-proportion when the characters moved around. Obviously the style is very simple and needs work, however it doesn't look like it's SUPPOSED to look fantastic or anything, so it's not really an issue. But everything is just very messy and odd. Sometimes it looks like other characters are in a completely different spectrum compared to others in the same shot.

Voice acting wasn't so hot either, either practice mroe on that or get some actors. Some voices were better than others, though.

As far as plot and storytelling goes, there wasn't really a whole lot there, and I know it's supposed to be kinda random, but it was just very repetitive and unfunny to me. Overall, the whole thing wasn't horrible, but let's just say I was kinda glad when it was over.

Just practice some more and I'm pretty sure you'll make something pretty hilarious in the future.

Jakoshi responds:

We appreciate constructive criticisms such as this rather than pure bad reviews with no explanation. We can promise you that all of our work will be much improved from this point on, as we went through the entire process of making a cartoon backwards; we had nameless characters, monologues, and many areas that needed improvement. Our future work will hold memorable and developed characters, as well as stories and dialogue that will set up the humor, and animation that will not be half-assed in any way. Thanks for the suggestions and keep an eye out for our next projects... they won't disappoint.

Oh my gosh that brought back so many memories, at that one part where he picks up the photo and it shows the three other guys, I miss them all. I really can't wait to see them again!

As for the visuals and such, it looks a lot different, but it's welcoming, the texture in the coloring is very unique and interesting, and I think it will be very cool to watch!

Gerkinman responds:

Its a more polished look then the original series had, tho the guy who animated episodes 3-5 of the original Nimbin series was working more as a consultant on this project as opposed to an actual animator.

I don't usually like leaving indifferent/negative reviews on popular artists' cartoons, because I know everyone is going to unconditionally hate me for it and I'm going to get ridiculed simply because I have different opinions than the majority of the viewers, but I might as well share what I personally think of this anyway... here goes...

Well as for animation, yes, it's very simple, somewhat smooth. Line-work is pretty rough, and as for coloring, yeah, it's a white background, but even on the characters, nothing really pops out, I don't find it very fun to look at. There's very little movement though, cartoons should have lots of things moving and blowing up in your face, not slow-paced dialogue scenes with their arms moving occasionally. With this simple style you have here, I would expect a lot more movement... it looks incredibly easy to pull off.

The one thing that usually saves your cartoons for me though is the writing and humor, but this one specifically just didn't do it for me. I don't know, it was just very slow-moving, drawn-out, and the very base of whatever joke there was wasn't really funny to me.

Bottom-line, I don't like watching a couple of people just having a conversation and not really doing much else at all, except for the rare occasion when the dialogue is actually laugh-out-loud funny.

I like most of your sense of humor, and this review is in no way supposed to be hateful, but I think you should take more time in your cartoons and breathe in some more life into them, because that's what animation is about: giving life to drawings. To create life. They should be fun to look at as well as to listen to. Besides, you upload fairly often, every few weeks, I think you should go quality-over-quantity. But that's just me. Do whatever.

LazyMuffin responds:

Regarding the animation - I completely disagree about animation NEEDING to have "lots of things moving and blowing up in your face", it's not my type of animation. I agree that the animation is very limited, but it's the theme of the series, it's just a regular conversation for the most part. It being a theme is not an excuse, but may help you understand why there are no explosions. This series is also built for me to animate quickly, it's true.

About the writing, I understand if you didn't find it funny, but your point of it being very slow is flawed considering it's two pages worth of dialogue in less than a minute and a half.

Wait, you laughed out loud? I didn't expect that, I SAY YOU LIKED IT!

Regarding your last statement, I just disagree. I use flash as a tool to bring my writing to life. My writing is not Disney material, it's usually people talking along with a hopefully amusing premise. I upload fairly often since this is my job, not to say I force material out. I honestly do the animations I want to.

Thanks for the comment!

Pretty nice, lots of parts had some good, fluent animation, but others were somewhat stiff. Aside from its short running-time... it was done on paper... and that alone is a pretty big accomplishment, and pretty much saves everything, so I have to give this a decent rating anyhow.

Nice job!

Horsenwelles responds:

alot of the stiffness was because of the compression and the sadly not very good screen capture software. in retrospect i should've made it into a gif and used that, but i'm not sure how well it would have exported.


I actually didn't expect that... this made me legitimately laugh.

For one thing I'm going to say, and there's going to be like 50,000 reviews saying this same exact thing, but it really does remind me of Egoraptor's older work.

But now to actually get on with the review, I enjoyed it. The art work is very sloppy and the animation's kinda choppy, and usually, to the average viewer, that is an instant turn-off and they'd think it sucks, BUT, to me it looks like you actually know how to draw pretty well, and you understand WHAT you're doing with the animation. Like how they move around and switch positions a lot, it doesn't look off or out of physics, it just kinda looks rushed. But it's funny that way, and I for one liked it.

As for humor, I just thought it was ridiculous, stupid, and hilarious. The parts with Peppy especially. It's been a while since I've seen something like this. It's executed pretty messily, but it just makes you laugh because of it. Some people have made messy and rushed videos before, but they just look bad. Like REALLY bad. But this is somehow actually passable. Again, it looks like you actually know what you're doing.

As for voices, nothing special, but nothing too terrible, plus the overall quality standard of the visuals sorta matches up with it and it fits.

So all-in-all, it's a pretty low-quality-standard video that's executed just perfectly, and it's actually funny. Though I'm not usually a fan of parodies, Starfox hasn't been done too much, so I'll give it to ya.


Brojack responds:

Thank you for your input :) that's what I call a review mate ;)
I'm aware of the resemblance, yes, but I see no reason why it should ruin the video for a lot of people. yes, the art and animation was designed to be that way, and I loved doing it that way, glad you enjoyed it. My goal was to make people laugh, and it seems like I've achieved that with a lot of people, which makes me tremendously happy. I'm not the greatest of voice actors, but the parts with peppy were probably my favourite to perform; I'm glad someone else enjoys them as much as I did.
Even though you don't like parodies, I'm happy I made you turn a blind eye on this one :)

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