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Hmm alright, the colors are nice and they pop out, I like the line-work as well. Overall, the drawings themselves look pretty natural and stylistic, which I like, however the animation was really basic, though it was smooth, there is much more to animation than just being smooth to make it look good. Characters are very flat and basic, but I kinda like your style anyway.

The biggest issue that I personally had was the humor... other than the YouTube usernames, I didn't really find it funny. Voicing was okay.

Overall it's definitely not bad, but I feel there's a lot of stuff you need to tweak with the visual presentation...

glasscake responds:

Thanks for the criticism.

Also I don't mean to be a dick but look at your profile image and then look at Egoraptors.


You managed to do this all TRADITIONALLY? Holy crap... I mean that way, you need to plan everything ahead of time, and full frame-by-frame animation is usually already a challenge enough in itself. Your line-work was surprisingly clean, and the animation was great.

You look like you are a person who TRULY understands animation, I mean it looked so right when the characters moved and bounced around and stuff, but again you did it on PAPER. That's pretty remarkable.

SpamClamberton responds:

Yeah, I had to plan everything out on an exposure sheet beforehand.

It was alright, it wasn't awful, but nothing too special either. I like your frame-by-frame animation you use at times, but everything else seems to be rather lazy. Writing's fine, but voice acting was quite dull.

The whole concept and such seems okay to me, but I think you just need to breathe in a lot more life into the execution...

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you very much for your review! For episode 39, I'll definitely work on the animation so it doesn't look lazy, and I have an entirely new voicing cast. I appreciate your take for this.

Animation was very, very good. I also found it unique because of the line-work, though most people may find this particular style to be "unappealing", I thought it was very well-done.

As for plot and such, well, not a whole lot going on, it's cliche, there could have been more clever ways to make fun of Ray William Johnson... but still, I was entertained, nice job on the animation.

OrganizedApeShape responds:

Yes I agree, But its really just messing around. And even though a lot of people hate stupid stuff like this its good for practice.
Thanks btw ;)

Good animation, pretty good line work, and pleasant coloring. Backgrounds were pretty good as well. The biggest thing this video has going for it though is probably the point it is trying to make, because it is so true.

The issues I had though... the audio. It was fuzzy when it got loud. This was probably because the quality of it was somewhat low when you published it, but I don't know for sure. Also, your voice acting... I like it, but when you yelled "nooo" it sounded kinda quiet, like the character wasn't really yelling. Another problem I had was the choice of some of the sound effects, like when he was walking and then when he fell on the ground, it was like a distorted, amplified BUFDM, I don't know, it just didn't match very well to me.

But overall, it was enjoyable and I liked it. Here's my little review breakdown thingy I like to do...

+Pretty nice frame-by-frame animation
+Cleanly-outlined, colorful art
+True point the cartoon is trying to make
-Not very good audio

FrostDrive responds:

I tried recording that "Noooooo" part probably 30 times and thought was the best I could do. I was finding it difficult to scream without peaking the audio.

and the sound effects, most are from super smash bros. brawl, I grabbed what seemed to fit. I think when I hit the ground I played a boot landing sound or something, so I see how it didn't exactly fit. :P

Thanks for the review, I'll be sure to work out my audio better next time.

Very Awesome

The art was awesome-looking along with being unique. Animation was very stylistic and cool, and it reminded me of spacejelly's work. My only complaint is that it's disappointingly short, I was really hoping it would go on for a while, but it ended when my interest sparked the most.

Still, the two of you seem very, very talented. I really thought this was cool.

LessThanNormal responds:

We thank you very much for your comment. We were surly expecting medium reviews, such as "cools", or "nice, but too short" its awesome to see people now really giving great insight. It was short, compared to our standards. But hey, becuase of the type of response we are getting, it might intice us to make the fight scene for this clip, which we do have ideas for, way before we started this animation almost 2 weeks ago. Thanks very much for your comment.

Funny Stuff

I liked it, it was funny to me. I guess it's about time we see a parody other than something that has to do with Skyrim... >_> *tries not to look guilty*.

ScottFalco responds:

Yeah I mean, people that submit Skyrim things are like... HEY WAIT A SECOND YOU!

Pretty Good

I liked it. The animation is OK, though I'm not really a fan of the motion-tween-for-each-body-part style, the drawings and coloring were good, the voice-acting was above-average in my opinion, dialogue and overall writing were nice. But most importantly, the point you were trying to make made sense and was funny. Mix all of this together and you have a rather worth-watching, oh-so-true cartoon.

The only problems were, for one, the audio quality; either the mic wasn't very good, or you exported it at low-quality settings (though I find that kinda hard to believe when looking at the file size of this). The other problem is just a preference thing of mine... I am not particularly a fan of this animation style, I've seen it used quite often in Flash for years now: motion tweens for each body part. But then again, the cartoon is pretty much just about getting the point across, not exactly visually stunning the viewers... so good job!

Jonnyethco responds:

Wow thanks dude. I just watched your Skyrim short and fully enjoyed myself as well. I work in After Effects rather than flash so my final output is video, which I have to convert to flash. Tom was nice enough to allow my upload limit to be 25MB rather than the standard 10MB so i could submit my stuff. The audio is good on my youtube page, but having to compress it to flash always seems to muck it up a bit. :(

Holy Crap...

That was a lot better than I expected. I was scraping through a ton of other garbage and I did not expect this. This was very well-animated, and the whole plot and music was so creepy and distorted but that's why it was so hilarious...

Hulalaoo responds:

Yes, it suppose be terrible

Very Smooth, Very Short

The animation was incredible. It was extremely smooth and detailed with excellent use of shadows, the characters were colorful and full of depth. But I was extremely disappointed to see how short it was... I mean, it was like, TOO short. Lotsa talent, though.

+Good art
+Fantastic, smooth animation

nevarky responds:

Thanks, I knew more than one would complaint about how short it is, but I sincerely didn't feel like stretching it, I like the idea how it is, sure I could have added takes or scenes, or maybe make it about more random things on skyrim, but this was just supposed to be a refreshment from other projects, and then again, I liked as it is.

Glad you at least liked the animation!

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