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Ha, I like your style, all of your drawings are so sweet looking. Nice work.

Ztoons responds:

Hey, thanks so much!! ^.^

Wow, this looks pretty sick, I love the detailed and scratchy lines around him, face is awesome, and colors are great, too. Nice job.

Dang, ha ha this is pretty sweet. I love the film poster-look it has. The pink and orange hues work really well with it, too (not to mention I'm a little biased with that color combination considering it's one of my favorites). Love the style, the guys are BA and the girls are cute (as well as BA). Nice job.

TheUnseriousguy responds:

hey thanks man. Dont blame you, pink and orange just go so well together

DANG I love those colors and abrupt angles, really reflects on the whole futuristic theme. Nice job.

Huh, this is pretty cool, maybe I've been living under a rock but I've never seen anything like it, ha. Nice job, I like her.

Mataknight responds:

Maybe we've both been living under rocks cuz I haven't seen anything like this either. It's one of the reasons I made her.

Wow that is amazing, ha I love it.

Oh wow that is pretty sweet, I love the painting-like brush-strokes and the face, it has a nice feel of movement to it as well. Nice job!

Gel-9 responds:

thank you :)

Heheh oh my GOSH this is amazing, fishnets aaaaaaaaall the way! I really like how you got so much movement in the picture as well. Thanks so much!

VimHomeless responds:

I'm glad you like it! Great trade =)


Hey, this is looking pretty good! Guess what I could say though is perhaps make the background a bit more dynamic, but I do like it.

kalabor106 responds:

Oh I agree. The background is way way to green. There is no brake up for its layers. I think even if I just was brave enough to just heavier contrast of green at least it would of gave a better field of depth. Thanks for the review man!

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