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Pretty funny. Animation was unique and interesting, but not the best. Voice-acting wasn't bad. Nice short little running time. Pretty good overall.


Hilarious as always, Egorapter. Animation is very good. Every picture is well-drawn and detailed, and it's funny-looking and just plain fun to look at. Nice voices, again, by the way.


Just incredible. Very unique, shrapnel-like drawings and backgrounds, fluent animation (though can be choppy at times, but still looks good in its own style, as I've seen numerous times before with other movies), a simple, cool little plot, good action, and with a very quiet atmosphere. As he was fighting the little purple demon thing, it seemed so real somehow because of the lack of music and the sounds... I don't know, just my opinion on that...

Aside from that, it also has a very decent running-time. Not so short that it leaves you unsatisfied, yet not so long that you feel incredibly bored hoping for it to end.

True talent really lies within this movie.


As always, very nicely animated. Clean, thin outlines, nice coloring, fluent animation, nice backgrounds, and of course, a nice little song to top it off.

The only thing I can really complain about is the fact that it's very short... like someone else said a while ago, as soon as it grabs your attention, it's over.

Why Did it Take Me So Long to Review This?

Incredible. Animation is very unique, and obviously extremely smooth and just plain good-looking. It has such a simple and great little story to go along with its stunning animation. THIS is a movie that deserves to be on the top, not all this other crap I see around here. You have some real talent, and if it weren't for people like you, I would never even stick around on this site.

I Liked It

The style of drawing is very clean and nice looking, as the animation is well-done, though a tad choppy at times, but that seems to be the style. I wish the video was a little longer, but I guess its running-time is good enough because you just wanted to get that little joke out. Though I liked it, I noticed it's a bit lifeless, just try to liven things up a bit so it's more pleasing to look at.

So True

Just so true about the whole Brawl Taunts part, lol.


Surprisingly I laughed really hard... but it's not really a good Flash.

straberrykiler6789 responds:

you have very good taste

but this movie is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how the internet was created


Yes, I get it, the animation is above-average... but... the movie itself is too quick and it's not even that funny.


Loved it so much, it's just a quick little TF2-action movie. Animation was a tad choppy, but I already see that that is the style of it, besides, the art was very good and cleanly-drawn with shadows to add depth. Just really well-made, I loved this a ton.

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