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I love how everything has a monochromatic color except for the markings on the masks. The story seems very cool and self-explanatory enough. I love the animation you do when you redraw each picture, but I didn't really like the parts that used motion tweens (example: the arms) and squeezed the characters around.

But I like its eerie environment, too. Also the music you made is very nice.


Art and animation were funny and had sort of a bouncy animation style that I liked. I remember watching this a few years back and I loved it, and I still do today.

Excellent Animation

I'll be honest, I was very surprised. When I saw your other work I thought you were just OK, but some of this looks like it could be in an actual anime (not that I'm really INTO anime). Drawings are very well-outlined and nicely colored and shaded.

Not Bad

Not bad for it's short-running time. Outlines were very thin and clean which made it pleasing to look at. I liked the colors, too, you look like you know what you're doing with them: they're not extremely saturated yet not too dim. Animation was good as well, I like the style, it's not really motion-tweeny. It would've been much better if it was just longer, though.

Pretty Good

I liked it. The animation is OK, though I'm not really a fan of the motion-tween-for-each-body-part style, the drawings and coloring were good, the voice-acting was above-average in my opinion, dialogue and overall writing were nice. But most importantly, the point you were trying to make made sense and was funny. Mix all of this together and you have a rather worth-watching, oh-so-true cartoon.

The only problems were, for one, the audio quality; either the mic wasn't very good, or you exported it at low-quality settings (though I find that kinda hard to believe when looking at the file size of this). The other problem is just a preference thing of mine... I am not particularly a fan of this animation style, I've seen it used quite often in Flash for years now: motion tweens for each body part. But then again, the cartoon is pretty much just about getting the point across, not exactly visually stunning the viewers... so good job!

Jonnyethco responds:

Wow thanks dude. I just watched your Skyrim short and fully enjoyed myself as well. I work in After Effects rather than flash so my final output is video, which I have to convert to flash. Tom was nice enough to allow my upload limit to be 25MB rather than the standard 10MB so i could submit my stuff. The audio is good on my youtube page, but having to compress it to flash always seems to muck it up a bit. :(

Really Not Bad

It was very well-drawn, the backgrounds and all really gave a 3D illusion. Animation was pretty smooth and nice as well. It had sort of a silent little atmosphere which was very enjoyable to me.

I like the way its simple plot went, but the ending probably could've been better... but other than that, I really liked it.

Pretty Funny

I liked it. Art was kinda nice. Animation was alright as well. Your voice-acting's always nice to listen to, as well. The whole plot was pretty funny, and that ending part was very clever and unexpected to me. I liked it.

However, the first disappointing thing anyone will say was the lack of color... I know that's the style, but it gives the illusion that not much effort was put into it. But what really disappointing me was it's length... I was expecting it to keep going on-and-on for a little bit, but it just ended so fast...

+Decent animation
+Funny, clever little plot
-No color

It Was Alright

I only liked about two of them, the rest were either just OK or sub-par. What's interesting to me though, and this is kinda off-topic, but on Sam Green's, looking into the face of the Dovahkin just shouted "Killing Spree" to me and brought back so many nostalgic memories, I guess it was the mouth and the eyes.

Also, I heard SirUndead's voice in two of the videos, why isn't he credited?


Drawings are very cleanly-outlined and nicely colored. Animation is extremely smooth and consistent. I thought it was kinda slow-moving and it didn't really make me laugh-out-loud, but it's still very good.

Incredible and Hilarious

Wow that was great. The art was so colorful and well-detailed along with its great shading and shining, the animation was very smooth and simply fun to look at, the writing is very funny along with the voice-acting, the audio is great, the music is great, I mean what else am I supposed to say?

I especially laughed the most when Satan ate the pancake, it was just so unexpected...

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