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Pretty Good

I think my expectations were probably too high, since this is the creator of Tarboy we're talking about, but it was still decently-enjoyable. Art was decent, along with the animation. Wasn't really into any of the stories too much, but the fact that there's 24 of them, and that this was done in a little over 24 hours, I'd say it's very good.

So anyway, here's my review breakdown...

+Decent art
+Good animation
+Great voice-acting
-No real plot (except for maybe the toast, I guess)
-Some animations are literally only like 3 seconds long

Very Smooth, Very Short

The animation was incredible. It was extremely smooth and detailed with excellent use of shadows, the characters were colorful and full of depth. But I was extremely disappointed to see how short it was... I mean, it was like, TOO short. Lotsa talent, though.

+Good art
+Fantastic, smooth animation

nevarky responds:

Thanks, I knew more than one would complaint about how short it is, but I sincerely didn't feel like stretching it, I like the idea how it is, sure I could have added takes or scenes, or maybe make it about more random things on skyrim, but this was just supposed to be a refreshment from other projects, and then again, I liked as it is.

Glad you at least liked the animation!


Pretty funny with nice drawings. But I found it pretty slow-moving and stretched out a lot.

I Thought it Was Pretty Good

I liked its animation style.

+Lots of stuff going on in the picture all of the time
-Sloppy art
-Choppy animation

I was hoping it would be like an entire, finished Flash movie, but when my interest sparked, it was over. Its art was interestingly detailed, however it was pretty sloppy. What makes up for this however is the fact that there was so much going on in the background the whole time, which made it look like this took some effort to make.

Pretty Good At First

When I was first watching it, I was enjoying it, but then towards the end... not so much.

+Pleasing, colorful art
+Lifelike animation
-Art was pretty sloppy
-Not so good voice-acting
-Second half was not good

I was really hoping for this to be a nice little parody of the game, which it was at first since I adored its animation style and I found the voices pretty funny (though not so great), it ended very fast and then it was no longer good.

But you seem like you're definitely capable of making a funny, charming parody. I wanna see what you make next time.

wt0 responds:

thanks i guess everyone has his first sucky animations

Not Too Good...

I don't particularly enjoy this style of animation.

+Moderately-detailed art
-Choppy animation
-Poor lip-syncing
-Sub-par voice-acting

The drawings were not very good, the animation was very choppy. It's another one of those movies that didn't have lip-syncing. I guess the guy had an almost OK voice, but not so much for the other character. It was also short.

This may seem like a pretty excessive review for such a short little movie, but honestly I just find this style of animation very unappealing to me.

glendonisabella responds:

It's a 2 year old movie, we might have improved a bit since then, though some of your remarks might take it too seriously. Anyway, tnx for the deep review +happy ny



+Pretty good, fluent animation
+Decent drawings
-Poor audio quality

It was very short. Animation was a nice style and it was kinda fluent, but the overall quality... it's hard to say, the whole thing seemed like it was "unclear", especially with the audio. I would give it like a 5.5/10.

Very Nice

I really, really enjoyed its animation style and effects throughout the whole thing, I was loving it, but it ended too fast, and I got very disappointed. So...

+Unique art
+Nice animation


I honestly didn't think it would be any good. It really wasn't bad.

+Good voice-acting
+Great dialogue and overall writing
-Sloppy, flat art
-Mediocre animation

The art was really the biggest problem. It was very sloppy, squiggly, and all out-of-proportion. The animation at times was mildly-decent, but other times it was just choppy and not very good.

However, it's writing is just fantastic. It sounded like I was watching a real movie at times, it was THAT good, combined with the great voice-acting, of course.

Overall, it seems to be another one of those movies where the best reason to watch it is for its dialogue and storyline. Other than that, there's not much to offer, however I still have to say the animation was nicer than a lot of other styles I've seen before.

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Thanks for the compliment Mr. Twisted. I know, my art stinks. That's just simply how I draw and I can't figure out a way to make it better. I'm glad that my animating skills are going up from "Bad/Poor" to now "Mediocre", so that's something to be positive about.

And as for the scripts, your not the only one who said my script writing is superb. Mick Lauer (RicePirate) said my script was very well written. Perhaps after this episode I could hire some animators to do the animations while I just focus on the Scripts, the Voice gatherings and the oversight of the project. I'm also glad you at least like the style.

Thanks for the Critique. If you don't mind though, maybe you could PM me and tell me specifically what's bad about my Animation. It could be really useful for me. Thanks :D

Still Love It...

...Ever since the day I watched it a few years ago. Ah, memories.

Art is pretty well-drawn and fun to look at. Animation's funny and bouncy and I like it. I also love the writing and how it's very fast-paced and just humorous all the way through. Voice acting was also outstanding.

And now, if I may quote my favorite line in this...


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