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I found it funny and the animation was smooth and even a bit unique. I liked it, good job.

But man, you only spent 2 WEEKS on this?? I just spent 5 months on an animation and everyone thinks it's horrible! You must be very good, good job.

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks. Yeah 2 weeks is a marathon to work with. Between work and it, almost drives you crazy. Glad you like it.


Crap, a 4.17? I've never gotten a review this good, very funny, lol. Good job.


I thought it was hilarious, and the intro part was pretty well-animated, but the rest of it wasn't well animated, I mean it's just using pictures and motion tweens and stuff. No point to the movie, either.


Animation was decent, it was pretty funny, a tad interactive, and most importantly, very unexpected. I had no idea it would end so fast, but that's one of the reasons that makes it funny. Lol.

Very Good

Yep, pretty much some of the if not the best animation I've seen in any Flash movie so far, it's even better than Egoraptor or HarryPartridge. It's also pretty funny and it has a decent running time. Good job.

Very Good

This was very well done. You seemed to somehow get the animation to look just as lively and fluent as Krinkels's Madness movies. It was also pretty clever, short, and fun to watch. Good job.


Amazing as always, but it was a bit shorter than the previous ones and I noticed everything moved a bit slower. Did you lower the framerate for this one? But no matter, it's still simply amazing. I'm so glad that dark thing FINALLY died.

Very Good

It's definitely one of the better Flashes I've seen in a while. I just expected it to be a lot longer. I thought he would start making a bunch of other things on the paper and eventually the whole city would be destroyed.

Oh well, it still has really good, brush-drawn animation which I prefer over the standard line-drawn. Good job.

It Was Alright

Well, this was OK. It had some of the basic elements that all Flash movies need, including decent animation and voice acting. And, yes, I saw that drug PSA years ago where the guy slowly turns into the snake creature.

But anyway, I don't think this movie is good enough to be on the front page. It was alright, but I think it's overrated. I also didn't find anything particularly laugh-out-loud funny about it.

Still, it's way better than the other Flashes I see on the "latest releases" page. Good job, anyway. Next time make a Flash that's longer and has a lot more funny moments.

BillyNapalm responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm trying to keep my animations under two minutes, since anything longer will take too long for me to finish - and I start to lose interest and wind up quitting the project. I was on the verge of not finishing this one - since I had another idea come up - but I managed to give my head a shake and get it done anyway.

Hopefully my next projects will be more up your alley!


It was animated alright... but it was extremely short. Seemed sort of like a GIF animation you would use as an avatar, to be honest.

Please leave short videos and tests for YouTube.

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