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I Loved It

It's well-written, acted, and most importantly, funny. The animation is choppy and a messy, however it looks really good in its own style, and it's fun to look at. Also Ganandorf is one of my favorite characters in any video game, lol.

My Favorite Flash Movie Ever

No Flash has ever really emotionally impacted me in such a way. Your style is so unique and simply incredibly, the animation was amazing in its own way, the story was interesting because it's so prone to interpretations, yet it's somehow so simple and self-explanatory at the same time... ever since I watched this, whenever I listen to this song again, it reminds me of this and feel unspeakable...

Just incredible.


This is by far like my favorite style of Flash animation. No dialogue, just an extremely-well-animated movie with a little self-explanatory plot. This was very entertaining and was incredibly beautiful. You are very talented and people like you are the only reason I stick around on this site.

Very Unique

I was a fan of this animation. You definitely seem like you have a lot of talent. However, I simply cannot give this like a REALLY good review because, well, it was really short and all the guy did was jump through and the camera angles didn't change or anything. If you made it a little longer and had a mini plot or something, this would be an awesome animation. Just keep working at it, you're close.

It Was OK

Uh good writing and voice acting and the motion tweens you use are smooth, obviously, but the biggest thing that's good about your animations are the actual drawings, I guess. I don't really like the style, and I know everyone's gonna mark this review as "useless" just for being one man who disagrees with something, but whatever...


It was neat. Sort of a crossover between Tarboy and Invader Zim... even the school was spelled like "Skool".

The animation was above average and neatly-drawn, but there were a lot of little mistakes you may have overlooked here-and-there... but not bad.


I found it funny and the animation was smooth and even a bit unique. I liked it, good job.

But man, you only spent 2 WEEKS on this?? I just spent 5 months on an animation and everyone thinks it's horrible! You must be very good, good job.

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks. Yeah 2 weeks is a marathon to work with. Between work and it, almost drives you crazy. Glad you like it.


Crap, a 4.17? I've never gotten a review this good, very funny, lol. Good job.


I thought it was hilarious, and the intro part was pretty well-animated, but the rest of it wasn't well animated, I mean it's just using pictures and motion tweens and stuff. No point to the movie, either.


Animation was decent, it was pretty funny, a tad interactive, and most importantly, very unexpected. I had no idea it would end so fast, but that's one of the reasons that makes it funny. Lol.

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