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I enjoyed it, it was funny. Drawings were fairly good and had nice depth with the shadows, it was also very colorful and enjoyable to look at. Sometimes the art and animation were a bit sloppy, but at other times it was nicer. Also I love SirUndead's voice.


Let me tell you, I never watched one of these before, and I didn't know what all the hype about them was, so I watched them and all I can say is that I am very impressed. I love the animation style you have, it's very smooth, the art is colorful and full of depth and it's pleasing to look at, and most importantly, all of them are so hilarious all the way through. Satan just cracks me up in every one.

I look forward to more installments in this series.

Pure Dialogue

I have to say, the art was pretty nice-looking along with the dim, greyish-colors, which gave it its own style, which I enjoyed. Animation was pretty good, too.

Very well-written, along with not-so-bad voice-acting, but that's really all it was. I guess this video is purely for the humor of the dialogue, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.


Very true.

Art is very cleanly-drawn and pretty lifelike. Voice-acting is good as well. Animation is also good. It's just kind of short, unfortunately.


I laughed at the part when the bear stole his hat.

The animation is very interesting, I like it. It's sketchy-looking.

The colors were quite dim, but it matched its own spectrum, which I thought looked very, very nice. Animation was pretty good, too.

The only problem I can really think of is that most of the audio and choice of sound effects weren't very good, but it's not a big deal.

Pretty Good

I enjoyed it. I loved how its art style and overall color was fairly dim but it all blended so well together, it was very pleasing and interesting. Animation was about average, maybe above it a little bit, still fun to look at. Voice-acting was fairly good as well.

Here's my review breakdown...

+Nice art and coloring
+Decent animation
+Pretty good voice-acting
-Little depth in the art

Overall, it definitely seems like one of those movies that has its own low expectations, but surprises the audience with it's very nice execution. I'd give it a 3.9/5.

Holy Crap...

That was a lot better than I expected. I was scraping through a ton of other garbage and I did not expect this. This was very well-animated, and the whole plot and music was so creepy and distorted but that's why it was so hilarious...

Hulalaoo responds:

Yes, it suppose be terrible

Pretty Good

It's a simple, well-executed joke, but at the same time it has too short of a running-time.


Aside from being a catchy beat, it's actually very well-animated and cleanly-drawn. Very nice colors. The shading is very nice as well, the whole thing has plenty of depth. Looking at it really pleases the eye.

I also love how Tingle comes in.


Simply amazing to me. Absolutely loved the animation style. It was so clean, yet at the same time still had that "hand-drawn" feeling to it. Backgrounds were extremely nice and a bit eerie. The two characters were lifelike and fluent. I also adore its very simple, yet deep plot. Very cute, as well.

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