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I Don't Think So...

I really didn't know what to expect when there was all of that typing in the beginning... but this is really just a slideshow of still-images of memes... I cannot consider this a good Flash movie.

Great Base, But Some Minor and Major Issues

I mean, all of the countless cliche anime characters and moments aside, it's art wasn't the greatest. Animation was pretty choppy and not so great either, however the action scenes were very well-done. Voice-acting was very good, along with the dialogue and overall script.

Unlike TOME, this seems like it's definitely going to actually go somewhere, and I'm looking forward to the next episode.


Well, it seems like a movie that would get BLAMMED, but it's art is surprisingly decent, as the animation is very smooth. I also, somehow, found it funny that the Christmas tree is evil and just roared... I don't know why I found that funny.

But honestly, it's obviously too quick to be considered an adequate submission, but I've seen worse...


I remember this was uploaded a few days ago, but you probably took it down for some reason... well, here's my review again.

Art was fairly-cleanly drawn. Animation seemed to be pretty much all motion tweens and was kinda choppy. Backgrounds were pleasing, however.

I like the song, but the cat's voice is way too high-pitched. I understand you wanted to make it sound like... a cat... but maybe you should've pitched it up less?

Overall, it was light, festive entertainment, but it's really nothing too special.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks reviewing again dude and sorry I re uploaded it I wanted it to be up closer to the holidays. Have a merry Christmas :)

Surprisingly, it Wasn't Too Bad At All

I looked at the thumbnail when this was under judgement, I was totally expecting to BLAM this just like I previously did with two other submissions, but I watched it and... it really looks like you know what you're doing with animation. I like how has a hand-drawn style to it. Expressions and voice-acting were both pretty funny, and the comedic point you're trying to make about war actually made sense and I found it hilarious. I especially loved the part at the end, "I HAVE GAINED NOTHING FROM THIS!".

Obviously it's running-time is very short, and it's mostly in black-and-white, while the animation wasn't the absolute best, but the whole movie itself seems to have a very low standard, making the rest of it look very good.

You seem like you actually know how to animate, next time I would like to see you really put your mind and more time into another and check out the verdict.

Overall, well-done.

Very Pleasant!

Loved it. By far my favorite style of animation. Hand-drawn, no line tools or gradients on the characters, nicely animated, hilarious-looking, well-done animation, and the list goes on.

In some areas the voice-acting and overall audio quality were not the best, but it didn't make my ears bleed, so it's fine. Really, my only other complaint is that I think I've had enough Skyrim parodies by now, but hey, it's cool. You made up for it with a very nice animation.


That was... unexpected. This was extremely well-animated. The art was very cleanly-drawn and pleasantly colored and shaded, it looked very professional. I did not expect this to be that great.

Well done.


Pretty good drawings and neat animation, not the best ever but it's still better than a ton of other movies out there, nice job.

I Found it Funny

Style of animation is very hilarious and simply good. Voice-acting was OK in some areas, others not so much, but I'm pretty sure you're the one who did all the voices, so, keeping that in mind, I'd say it wasn't bad.

Art is stylistic and funny-looking, but it's not like it's amazingly-drawn or anything... however, it's not always supposed to be for every movie out there, so it matched it well and I enjoyed it.

Writing is pretty good as well. I love how all the characters talk to and over each other, it makes it seem very natural.

Overall, I liked it.


It was... interesting, to say the least... both art and animation weren't exactly the best, and I dislike the fact how half the visuals are imported photographs, but it wasn't horrible.

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