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Once again, I really like your animation and drawings, very stylistic... obviously it was quite strange... but good. Also, Redfeather sounded really good, ha.

Pretty nice, I do like your animation style, considering it's what I would call "actual animation" by re-drawing each frame for a character. My biggest critique on your animation is simply, here-and-there, proportions will be off, like a characters head will slightly grow or shrink in size when he/she was just turning it or looking in a direction or something. Not a huge deal, though, considering it beats all the motion tween garbage I see on this site all the time. I do like your style, it's nifty and unique. Your colors are nice as well.

I find your cartoons to sometimes be a bit on the "weaker" side... like I am not totally impacted by them, they have their own little quiet atmospheres or artistic style to them, but I always feel like I want more life in them. I guess another thing this lacked was audio quality, both in the microphone and the acting itself.

But, truth to be told, you have lots of heart, cleanliness, and cuteness in what you do, and it's very enjoyable to me. Most people go straight to either vulgar, horrible humor with lots of swearing sprinkled on it in an attempt to be funny, or just completely fail at being funny at all. Your videos seem like something that would make people want to smile, regardless of what's happening in them.

For your age, this is stunning, this is so mature and light-hearted, it has such a welcoming feeling to it. My hat goes off to you.

My microphone sucked back when I voiced for this. But the video itself definitly makes up for it, very clean line-work, nice shining and shading, pleasing colors, and, though I may say stiff at times, the animation was very good. Very nice job!

Also, if I might add, it's honestly quite enjoyable to watch a character you voiced scream and fall to his doom.

Good animation, pretty good line work, and pleasant coloring. Backgrounds were pretty good as well. The biggest thing this video has going for it though is probably the point it is trying to make, because it is so true.

The issues I had though... the audio. It was fuzzy when it got loud. This was probably because the quality of it was somewhat low when you published it, but I don't know for sure. Also, your voice acting... I like it, but when you yelled "nooo" it sounded kinda quiet, like the character wasn't really yelling. Another problem I had was the choice of some of the sound effects, like when he was walking and then when he fell on the ground, it was like a distorted, amplified BUFDM, I don't know, it just didn't match very well to me.

But overall, it was enjoyable and I liked it. Here's my little review breakdown thingy I like to do...

+Pretty nice frame-by-frame animation
+Cleanly-outlined, colorful art
+True point the cartoon is trying to make
-Not very good audio

FrostDrive responds:

I tried recording that "Noooooo" part probably 30 times and thought was the best I could do. I was finding it difficult to scream without peaking the audio.

and the sound effects, most are from super smash bros. brawl, I grabbed what seemed to fit. I think when I hit the ground I played a boot landing sound or something, so I see how it didn't exactly fit. :P

Thanks for the review, I'll be sure to work out my audio better next time.

That was hilarious! One of the few Flash cartoons that actually made me laugh-out-loud. It has some nice-looking animation as well, good job!

Overall Pretty Good

I found it pretty funny. I like your art style, and your sense of writing's pretty good. Overall, not bad, but at some parts I found it kinda dragged a bit. Also, I think a lot of the animation needs a tune-up, it's pretty choppy most of the time.

Maybe put just a LITTLE bit of more time into your next video? Because I'm surprised how quickly you finished this, your previous cartoon was released just over a week ago. But you seem far more than capable of making a pleasant little comedy, I just think you should put more time and effort into the animation is all.

Very Awesome

The art was awesome-looking along with being unique. Animation was very stylistic and cool, and it reminded me of spacejelly's work. My only complaint is that it's disappointingly short, I was really hoping it would go on for a while, but it ended when my interest sparked the most.

Still, the two of you seem very, very talented. I really thought this was cool.

LessThanNormal responds:

We thank you very much for your comment. We were surly expecting medium reviews, such as "cools", or "nice, but too short" its awesome to see people now really giving great insight. It was short, compared to our standards. But hey, becuase of the type of response we are getting, it might intice us to make the fight scene for this clip, which we do have ideas for, way before we started this animation almost 2 weeks ago. Thanks very much for your comment.


Wow I loved this so much, the animation style is fantastic (it really reminds me of something from Egorapter), and it was annoyingly hilarious the whole time, well done.

Funny Stuff

I liked it, it was funny to me. I guess it's about time we see a parody other than something that has to do with Skyrim... >_> *tries not to look guilty*.

Scott-Falco responds:

Yeah I mean, people that submit Skyrim things are like... HEY WAIT A SECOND YOU!


Loved this ever since I first watched it. Animation is great, I love how colorful the art is, it's absolutely hilarious, and has a perfect running-time.

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