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Loved the line-work, coloring, and smooth animation, awesome job, but it was so short!! Just make a video at this quality but longer and you have a home-run.

I really enjoyed this.

Wow... you... actually have your OWN style of animation?? It's not just another attempted-rip-off of another person? WOOOAH!!!

But seriously I loved the animation. Line-work wasn't the best but the animation was fluent and worked-out. Colors were nice. It was funny, a huge variety of characters. Nice voice-acting as well, excellent work.

coughing-dog responds:

Thanks! It was a bit rushed so the linework was fairly rough.

Hmmmmmm well, at first I thought it was pretty impressive-looking, but it got really repetitive and drawn-out after a while... your voice-acting was good, but the character's expressions and motions didn't seem to match it too well, it was very minimal and limited. Overall I sorta liked the animation a but but it was just so slow, I really wanted something to happen. Also that part with the horse at the beginning-ish wasn't animated very well, I dunno, it just seemed so off and choppy. BUT you're better than most animators out there, so it's still okay.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks, yeah, I did get a bit lazy with the main character's expressions, really just focused on his lip movements, and I normally make stuff that's a minute or less, but I did this to replicate the real Shadow of the Colossus intro.

And that horse! I actually animated the whole thing frame by frame at first, but with the guy sitting on it, it seemed, off. He was very smooth and neatly animated while the horse was a little shaky like Ed, Edd, and Eddy, so I made each body part it's own symbol and made it follow the first animation to keep the style consistent. But thank you c:


Alright that was REALLY well-done. First off, the style was pretty simple and it semi-reminded me of Adventure Time. The colors were very fluorescent and nice to look at. I loved the animation, it smooth and fun to watch. At a lot of parts I just found myself laughing.

I loved the way all the creatures and characters were designed, it was all just so strange and hilarious to me. Plus that Bill Cosby part at the end was just the greatest thing I've seen in forever. Overall I loved it, very interesting style and simple fun to watch. FUN TO WATCH = the whole point of watching a cartoon in the first place.

I laughed-out-loud, pretty rare to see a video do that to me. Animation was very tweeny and not the best, but the drawings were nice and the jokes were actually funny. Good job!

Though a bit sloppy, very nice animation, fun to watch, awesome backgrounds. Good work! Very rare you see stuff like this on this site anymore.

I really loved the drawings a lot, it all looked like painting, very natural, plus I love the song a ton. Story was cute, overall it's pretty beautiful.

But since this is more like a slideshow of pictures or an animatic and not like a finished cartoon, I sadly cannot really give it a high rating. It would be perfect for some place like deviantART though. I would really love this a lot if it was fully animated.

Lotsa talent anyway, though, nice job.

Other than the fact of there being no voices, I loved the frame-by-frame pieces you did in this. Line-work's extremely clean, great job on the coloring. I want to see where you go with this...

Plus, gratz on the award!! :)

bocodamondo responds:

i sure never expected an award for this ^^
thanks you Beta Tester >:D

Ummm hmmm...

Alright well I think it was better than I expected but... I dunno, something about the animation just wasn't appealing to me. I like how it's frame-by-frame, it's done alright, but at some parts it just looks kinda disjointed and choppy. Coloring was a bit sludgy-looking.

As for art, it just looks like anime.

For writing and plot and such, it just didn't do it for me, I dunno, it just seemed very flat and generic. Was very predictable and I didn't find it funny.

As far as voicing goes, it was okay, I've seen worse, but at parts it seemed off, like it didn't match with the animation. When she was screaming at the end, she seemed to be acting more than the character was actually moving around, it looked kinda weird how she was sorta just standing still and fidgeting a bit when yelling. Quality of the mics seemed to sort've switch around a lot, too.

Overall, I didn't really like it too much, but I have seen worse, I'll just leave it at that.

lol that was so cute. Nice animation and stylistic backgrounds as well.

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