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I actually didn't expect that... this made me legitimately laugh.

For one thing I'm going to say, and there's going to be like 50,000 reviews saying this same exact thing, but it really does remind me of Egoraptor's older work.

But now to actually get on with the review, I enjoyed it. The art work is very sloppy and the animation's kinda choppy, and usually, to the average viewer, that is an instant turn-off and they'd think it sucks, BUT, to me it looks like you actually know how to draw pretty well, and you understand WHAT you're doing with the animation. Like how they move around and switch positions a lot, it doesn't look off or out of physics, it just kinda looks rushed. But it's funny that way, and I for one liked it.

As for humor, I just thought it was ridiculous, stupid, and hilarious. The parts with Peppy especially. It's been a while since I've seen something like this. It's executed pretty messily, but it just makes you laugh because of it. Some people have made messy and rushed videos before, but they just look bad. Like REALLY bad. But this is somehow actually passable. Again, it looks like you actually know what you're doing.

As for voices, nothing special, but nothing too terrible, plus the overall quality standard of the visuals sorta matches up with it and it fits.

So all-in-all, it's a pretty low-quality-standard video that's executed just perfectly, and it's actually funny. Though I'm not usually a fan of parodies, Starfox hasn't been done too much, so I'll give it to ya.


Brojack responds:

Thank you for your input :) that's what I call a review mate ;)
I'm aware of the resemblance, yes, but I see no reason why it should ruin the video for a lot of people. yes, the art and animation was designed to be that way, and I loved doing it that way, glad you enjoyed it. My goal was to make people laugh, and it seems like I've achieved that with a lot of people, which makes me tremendously happy. I'm not the greatest of voice actors, but the parts with peppy were probably my favourite to perform; I'm glad someone else enjoys them as much as I did.
Even though you don't like parodies, I'm happy I made you turn a blind eye on this one :)

Heheh, pretty funny. I liked it, but what I think I liked the most was the art, it's really colorful and pleasing to look at, and at the same time, it's easy on the eyes. Animation's pretty choppy, and it has a bunch of those "Flash tricks", such as squeezing and bending the characters around, however it's pretty understandable, since making super-fluent animation with this art would take a century.

OVERALL it is yet another good cartoon from you!

Pretty nice, it was enjoyable. It's well-written and the voices are funny, though the mic quality could be better.

Though the drawing style is kinda flat and basic, I like the animation that accompanies it, it looks pretty nice when, it's fluent, and it makes sense. Like when the characters move, there's this ease effect, I usually don't see things like that with animations.

I like the lip-syncing, but at times it seems a little off, their mouths move allover the place... BUT it's better than mouth-flapping, so I'll give it to ya.

Overall it looks nice, voices aren't too shabby, but most importantly... the dialogue, it's quite impressive, it's actually funny and interesting to listen to, I'm quite intrigued.

Very nice, you seem pretty good at making decent-length comedies, it's very rare I see a Flash cartoon that makes me laugh because of its dialogue, usually people just resort to abrupt endings and just plain nonsense to get laughs. Though yes, there was plenty of nonsense in this cartoon, it was done well. and wasn't like absolutely insane or anything.

Very good! :)

Heheh, I love the style you have with your cartoons. I like how the characters change position and facial expression regularly at an even pace, it's just interesting to look at.

I keep laughing-out-loud especially at the one part when the bully goes "because you're CHICKEN?" and slaps his knee... I don't know why that is...

Drawings and animation were very nice, I really liked it. What it lacked though was power, or impact, like when the bee flew down, hit the rock, and when it landed in the water... it just seemed kinda... weak... I don't really know what the word is...

I would've gave this a higher score, but then it ended extremely quickly, I was hoping it would be like a mini story or something. But good animation though.

I don't know how you do it...

These are so great. All the drawings are very natural-looking, everything's very colorful, nice animation, it's just overall pleasing to the eye (I don't really wanna go in-depth into the visuals again, because I already did that with my review on episode 3, it's just about the same thing with this one).

Humor is great, it's all just timed so perfectly and the funny parts... are funny. I really like it. Better than actual anime, I'd say...

Hmm alright, the colors are nice and they pop out, I like the line-work as well. Overall, the drawings themselves look pretty natural and stylistic, which I like, however the animation was really basic, though it was smooth, there is much more to animation than just being smooth to make it look good. Characters are very flat and basic, but I kinda like your style anyway.

The biggest issue that I personally had was the humor... other than the YouTube usernames, I didn't really find it funny. Voicing was okay.

Overall it's definitely not bad, but I feel there's a lot of stuff you need to tweak with the visual presentation...

glasscake responds:

Thanks for the criticism.

Also I don't mean to be a dick but look at your profile image and then look at Egoraptors.

These are all so well-done, all the drawings have plenty of their own style, it looks so naturally and brushy as opposed to like unnaturally smooth line-tooled, which most people consider to look "professional". Your coloring is phenomenal, and you shaded in all the pictures. I LOVE the animation style you have, it's somewhat on the choppier side, but at the same time it's fluent, and it works... it's difficult for me to describe, but it's great.

I mean it's just so pleasing to look at, it's so colorful and it's all so full of life. But other than visual presentation, these things are SO HILARIOUS... I can watch them over and over again... the writing is perfect, voice-acting is hilarious, trying to sound like bad English dubbers, and the action parts are extremely well-done as well.

I would choose this over an actual anime any day... and I really hate anime... but then again, that could contribute to the reason why I love Girlchan so much. I mean average animes always have such cookie-cutter shaped characters that look line-tooled, and basic fills with dull, boring colors. Your style is just so lifelike and it just pops out.

Sorry for ranting so long about the visuals, but I think it really deserves all that praise, because a lot of people tend to overlook that with your videos. Man these are just perfect, can't wait for episode 4...


You managed to do this all TRADITIONALLY? Holy crap... I mean that way, you need to plan everything ahead of time, and full frame-by-frame animation is usually already a challenge enough in itself. Your line-work was surprisingly clean, and the animation was great.

You look like you are a person who TRULY understands animation, I mean it looked so right when the characters moved and bounced around and stuff, but again you did it on PAPER. That's pretty remarkable.

SpamClamberton responds:

Yeah, I had to plan everything out on an exposure sheet beforehand.


I really just didn't find this funny at all. Regardless of what it's intended purpose of initial creation was and/or how long it took to make. It was annoying and obnoxious, but not funny... therefore, utterly rendering it into nothing more than just another pestering endurance video on Newgrounds.

First off I really didn't laugh or chuckle or anything at all at what happened throughout the whole thing, and the drawings were bad, even for its own low standards. I kept hoping it would end sooner, but when the song part came up I had to stop (presumably halfway, I'm not sure how much more running-time there was), it just got BORING while retaining its obnoxious and annoying state...

I mean the mouth-flapping and all... even though the Japanese get away with it all the time, it's no excuse to just be lazy and use it for lip-syncing, it is just so unpleasant to monitor, I just hate it, I hate seeing still images or an image with a motion-tween on it sliding around with the mouth-flapping...

And again, it's no excuse that it was made extremely quickly or whatever, it was just... awful... there's such a thing as messy movies, and they can be done PROPERLY, but THIS was just lazy, there was no harmony, even sloppy movies need harmony. Otherwise, it just looks like a 3rd-grader through this all together in a few hours with the trial of Flash he got.

Sorry for such an overly-in-depth review on such a little joke for a movie, but it's not fair for some users to get higher scores than deserved because of their fame. Some people spend a month or more on DECENT work and yet STILL get a score like this video has. I would say this deserves something more like a 2.20/5.00.

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