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Batman : The Droppings Batman : The Droppings

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was very enjoyable in practically all aspects, very nice art and animation, hilarious writing, phenomenal acting, and it's all short, straight, and to-the-point. I really loved the frame-by-frame, it was very clean along with the line-work to accompany it. To me it was very professional-looking, the artwork and posing of the characters were very consistent and had a nice frame-rate, not too choppy and yet not super-buttery-smooth. Also, you shaded it in, and did that very well.

Obviously you're extremely well-known for your voice talent, but I think you are an extremely talented artist and animator, very nice work!

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RicePirate responds:

You sat through so many of the drafts, I appreciate it man. Also your StarNova toon was a good reminder that "Getting better" isn't something the just happens, it's an active pursuit and very intentional. I look forward to both our journeys :)

Lard Ass Lard Ass

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once again you blow me away with your animation. I already said a lot of this stuff in a previous review on one of your other videos, but I'll recap... your line-work is extremely smooth, yet looks natural, it doesn't look like some line-tooled, cookie-cutter anime. The frame-by-frame is like godly smooth. The physics and such are all there, it works. Super consistent, the characters and objects don't get all deformed and turn into sloppy messes like I usually see when people use frame-by-frame. Also I like the somewhat abrubt angles you use, adds to your own style and it's very distinct and recognizable.

Though there aren't any shadows used very much in this, I didn't really feel a longing for them due to how well-done you did the visuals overall for what it was. The colors are in somewhat more of a grey-shade, but it's dynamic enough to make it work and have it's own pleasant style and look.

Again you amaze me with how unique your work is AND how well you execute it. I am just so impressed, this is past TV-quality, this is FILM quality. It's a shame to see so much other trash out there win awards and frontpages above THIS kind of work.

Corporate Zombies Corporate Zombies

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hmm that was very interesting.

I liked the animation style and the way the characters were drawn. The frame-by-frame was very nice looking, the objects were very consistently drawn and the colors were pretty bright and pleasant to look at. I also liked the little message behind the whole thing, it was very unique. It was something new.

But what I didn't like was how lifeless it was. I think it could've been so much better, had so much potential. A lot of the voice acting was pretty sub-par, especially the boss lady, her voice sounded very flat and lacked emotion. The other characters were okay but nothing special. The fact that there were very basic-looking backgrounds and no music or many sound effects really took away the atmosphere of what it could've been, it was just... well, kinda boring.

But it had lots of potential, you definitely seem very good at this and without a doubt could make an incredible video pretty easily. Just need to breathe more life into what you do.

A Creeper's Life A Creeper's Life

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was okay for the most part, I don't like Minecraft parodies, and this one in particular I generally thought was pretty boring, and I didn't like the parts that had more of a tweeny-animation style, but the frame-by-frame parts were nicely done and I kinda like the twist you put on the plot.

Kid Icarus: Downfall Kid Icarus: Downfall

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey look, another parody.

Honestly it just wasn't that good, I didn't like it so much. My biggest complaint was with the content and writing, though the animation wasn't the best either. First off I didn't find it funny at all. I found it slow-paced and drawn-out. Voice acting was okay, not the best not the worst, just average. Except that goddess character didn't sound very good at all.

As for animation, I like how it's in frame-by-frame, but it still was far from even decent. I mean some parts were shaded in but they just didn't make sense... some of the body parts have thinner shadows, others are thicker, and some parts don't even have ANY shading, it was so messy. When the characters moved around... I mean there is no consistency, they grow deformed and blobby and certain parts shrink and change size, it's so ugly-looking, it's just hard to watch. Especially that one part when the chick moved, her breasts completely shrunk probably 3 times the size and one was smaller than the other, I mean that was so obvious I can't believe it wasn't fixed.

Also the preloader art, what's with it? I mean I know it's supposed to look like those pictures that have lots of detail and look like a lot of time was put into them, but instead it just looks completely rushed, even more than the actual animated segments. There's not even any shading.

You'd think someone with constant awards and front-pages would actually have GOOD quality work. C'mon.

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KawaiiPiranha responds:

Alright well since you took the time to write all of this, I suppose I'll respond:

A) I find it kind of strange that you criticize this being "another parody" when a lot of your recent animations are also parodies.

B) It was 1 Minute long, give or take a few seconds, so I do not see how it could have been drawn out.

C) The Breasts being inconsistent in size was part of the joke.

D) It's fucking preloader art.

E) You'd think that someone who takes their time to write such a long review would have something more to say than random bashing comments.

After looking through some of your work, I honestly can say that you have NO right to act so superior. Your work is good, yes, but don't go around bashing people just because they're "not as good as you." You animate very differently than I do. I ENJOY more rubbery movements. I like having fun with it. I'm pretty damn proud of this, and I make front page because people like what I make. So it may not be YOUR STYLE of humor or whatever, but people obviously like it.

Giving constructive criticism is appreciated, but you're just being a pompous ass hole, man.

Your review was rude, though valid up until the last line. Saying that I have no GOOD work is just a dick thing to say, dude.

Your latest cartoon is really great. I think the animation is really smooth and it looks nice in general. But not everybody is up to your level yet, so try being supportive.

Animals of the Metropolis Animals of the Metropolis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That had to be some of the smoothest animation I've seen in forever... and though I'm not really a fan of tweens, you did it right. Very slick and stylish, I enjoyed it.

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Emrox responds:

Tweens done right, yo.

A Trip to the Shop A Trip to the Shop

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol I loved this. I love the animation style and the physics you use, the characters bounce around a lot and it's just fun to watch. The line-work was somewhat on the rougher side, but it looked nice in itself and was very unique, most of the voice acting was really nice. What I mostly liked though is that you actually have your own style of art and animation. Dialogue was pretty snappy and nice to listen to as well, very nice job.

JerrodStorm responds:

Hey, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I was messing around with the smoothing settings on the brush tool this time around, to see if I could produce a bit of a different style. And the voice actors were a real pleasure to work with.

Adrellia Village #39: SE Adrellia Village #39: SE

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hm well I have some mixed feelings, but overall it wasn't terribly bad, and there were definitely some things I enjoyed about it.

As far as the visuals go, they were nothing special, and they lacked consistency. I know this is most likely due to the additional animators, but it's very blatant and it disrupts the overall film. However, some of the frame-by-frame parts were done pretty well and looked very nice. I wish the whole thing was animated that way. But the other parts that were tweeny just didn't look so great.

For voice acting, sonicmega was very good, but most of the other characters just sounded very bland and off-quality. For music, sometimes you had some nice choices, but you should use less copyrighted audio, especially if you're going to put an ad in the preloader.

For writing, it was pretty good, there was nice, good amounts of dialogue and what the characters said furthered the story, sometimes when people use lots of dialogue it just goes allover the place and you could easily skip the scene and not miss anything from the storyline. This one actually had some crucial writing, and I found it pretty lightheartedly funny. You didn't rely so heavily on vulgarity and just pure hatred to bring comedy, you did it nicely and I respected it.

The characters definitely need some more variety. Some of the main characters do, but the rest of them look like Cyanide and Happiness style. At least make them different heights, more colors, different hairstyles, just more variety, it will greatly assist with the visuals. Also, backgrounds were okay.

I didn't really like the ending, I know it's supposed to be like a "to be continued" type of thing, but it ended so abruptly. Maybe there should be a bigger, longer falling action to the episode.

OVERALL it was okay, but there's lots of things that need to be fixed, most importantly, consistency in the animation, better voice acting, and more variety.

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MistyEntertainment responds:

I personally thought some of the different art styles each possessed their own charm, though I understand what you're saying about it disrupting the overall film. The next episode will have a more consistent art style.

I made some of the parts tweeny, like King William's movements at the Royal Ball, because I honestly did not see any point in making it frame-by-frame. Some parts like the high-five in the beginning, I could definitely see warranting fbf, while others like simple movements, I thought could get away with a tween.

Yeah, I did go a bit overboard with the copyrighted music, though I thought a lot of the choices fit the scene (despite some of them being just plain horrid like "All Star").

I'd change the Cyanide & Happiness style if I didn't already go 39 episodes with it, so it'd be kinda weird to change them abruptly.

Thank you for your in-depth review.

Pwanchi Burger Episode 3 Pwanchi Burger Episode 3

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Line-work and coloring are both pretty clean. Voice acting is not terrible, but in some areas it wasn't very good either. The dialogue was also nothing too bad most of the time.

Now for some negative things, I don't like this animation style. I'm not a fan of the whole "motion-tween-for-each-body-part" thing, I find it very lazy, stiff, and just not very nice to look at. I mean, all the characters just look and behave like lifeless puppets.

The lip-syncing wasn't very good, I mean their mouths go allover the place and it just looks fake, it looks like an obvious, paper-like graphic hovering over their face the whole time. HOWEVER I'm glad there actually IS lip-syncing nonetheless, some people just use mouth-flapping, so it isn't terribly lazy. It just doesn't look so great.

What I mostly disliked was just the overall plot and script... I mean it was lengthy, which is usually nice with videos, I mean I hate seeing all these 15-second things around here, but I thought it was just really boring. I didn't find it very funny, it was so slow-moving and kinda mind-numbing to a certain extent, up to the point where I was sorta hoping that it would end. Also the choice of audio was pretty bad, lots of the sounds sounded very fake and muffled. Audio and atmosphere overall can be extremely crucial to the overall outcome of a film.

It's a shame because I think this has a bit of potential, I like the idea of some guys at a restaurant with strange things happening to them, it could be really funny. I'm honestly a huge fan of pretty basic, typical, real-life plots.

1) Work on the script, make everything snappier, funnier, harder-hitting and less bland.
2) Some of the characters didn't sound so great, the actors should practice a bit more or get replaced, while you're at it get a better microphone.
3) Put more effort into the animation, and if you already are, study the way things move and how physics works. This particular style of animation can look extremely good IF it is done right, and I have seen it done marvelously in videos (seldom, but nonetheless). But the way you do this one specifically just looks totally dated and bland. Have more things going on in the background when they're outside and such.
4) Use better, more clear, lifelike audio for sound effects and ambiance. Music could help to make everything more upbeat and not so dead.
5) You can try making the camera move often, still shots of everything going from shot-to-shot gets tiresome after a while, have it pan or dolly or zoom, rack-focuses, anything, this can severely assist with making the visuals and overall video more pleasing to look at.

Also, there isn't much variety in the characters. I'm not really going to comment on that too much though, since this is already the third installment of this series, it would be weird of the designs suddenly changed. But if you can, make the characters look a bit different, different heights, use of colors, more drastic facial features, anything.

Overall, I didn't really enjoy it. Usually a video will have some sort of aspect about it that I like, but this one was kind of a miss on just about everything. You don't need to take this criticism, it's fine, but these are just my tips on making this whole series better... you may take it or not, that's your choice...

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cyotecody555 responds:

I like lengthy reviews like this, they're the helpful kind from a common viewer.

I Want Waffles I Want Waffles

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hm... honestly I was a pretty big fan of this animation and drawing style. I liked the somewhat-messy colors and shading. Character moved around a lot and it was nice and interesting to look at.

Very unique, it's nice to actually see some different stuff around here once-in-a-while.

MindChamber responds:

Thanks! I don't plan to do it every single time. Just when I wanna shoot of a quick gag