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Very nice, made me laugh out loud. I love your animation style, so that's always a plus with your videos, and the voice acting was great as well. Very nice coloring, it all sorta popped out and was pleasing to look at, there was plenty of harmony. My only issue was with the length of it, and how at most parts it was just text or other still-images on the screen. Other than that, though, a very nice short that did it's job, made a good point... well-done!

Wow, really loved most of the animation, when you did the frame-by-frame parts with the pinsir walking and all, it looked TV-quality. Coloring, shading and shining were all very nice and detailed. The only problem I had was with those motion-tweeny parts you used, it was kinda strange to see it constantly flipping back and forth from fantastic, quality-animation to just plain ol' standard Flashy-looking animation...

Obviously, voices were good, too. Oh, that RicePirate.

But overall very nice, you seem extremely good at this. Keep it up...

It was alright, it wasn't awful, but nothing too special either. I like your frame-by-frame animation you use at times, but everything else seems to be rather lazy. Writing's fine, but voice acting was quite dull.

The whole concept and such seems okay to me, but I think you just need to breathe in a lot more life into the execution...

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you very much for your review! For episode 39, I'll definitely work on the animation so it doesn't look lazy, and I have an entirely new voicing cast. I appreciate your take for this.

Loved the voice-acting, and the drawings were smooth and slick-looking, but I found the whole thing to be very slow-moving and somewhat lifeless, and it generally failed at making me laugh. Pretty nice, though.

Animation was very, very good. I also found it unique because of the line-work, though most people may find this particular style to be "unappealing", I thought it was very well-done.

As for plot and such, well, not a whole lot going on, it's cliche, there could have been more clever ways to make fun of Ray William Johnson... but still, I was entertained, nice job on the animation.

OrganizedApeShape responds:

Yes I agree, But its really just messing around. And even though a lot of people hate stupid stuff like this its good for practice.
Thanks btw ;)

Hilarious, really liked the animation style in this one, looked somewhat different from what you usually do, but it was welcoming and funny-looking.

Let me reason here.

I'm totally fine with the point this video's trying to make, it has nothing to do with the score I'm giving it... but the video itself simply is not good. The drawings themselves aren't so great, but the animation... all they do is flail around a little bit when they talk, and their voices aren't even acted, just simulated.

Not for me...

As always, top-notch in every way... extremely nice-looking drawings, design, and line-work, smooth animation, using clever mixtures of tweens and frame-by-frame, good voice-acting, and, most importantly, hilarious and disturbing humor.

What most people I think tend to overlook in this series however is the fact that some parts are just absolutely stunning... TV-quality, if not more in some cases... the music is phenomenal, the background art is just stunningly incredible, AND you make some GREAT music to top it all off and put everything together.

I really, really hope I could do something at this quality someday, you are as EXTREMELY talented as you are funny.

I liked the animation style, it was fluent but not like buttery-smooth, which is probably my favorite look to a cartoon. Line-work was a tad rough, though. Not a huge deal altogether.

Obviously it was quite short, I was really hoping it would be like at least a minute long. Voice-acting wasn't so great, along with the mic quality itself. Not awful, though, which is fine in my book.

And as for the joke itself and all, there wasn't really a whole lot to anything... but then I read the description and I get it, it's a test animation. I guess that's alright, but for a movie itself, I wouldn't be particularly fond of it.

Just little tune-up tips from me to ya, because I absolutely love your animation style, but I feel you just need to work on the other factors that go into making a cartoon...

Though I'm not a fan of anime at all, I have to say this had truly remarkable animation. I really liked the fact that you used full frame-by-frame drawings and didn't rely so heavily on motion tweens. Even though your cartoons are obviously inspired by anime, you have your own unique style to it. It doesn't look like you're trying so incredibly hard to copy it exactly, like I usually see in other anime-inspired animations...

Obviously the voice-work and humor were both good, but at times here-and-there I felt it kinda dragged a little bit. Not really a big deal, though. This is still probably my favorite cartoon of yours so far...

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